UBook 11.6" USB-C charging

Is charging this tablet over usb-c port supported? I read various statements on the Internet, but would like to get an authoritative answer.

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This is not supported.

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I bought it also because of this option.
In the presentation webpage it is stated that it is supported…

Versatile Interface,

All In One

UBook has versatile USB Type-C interface.
It sets transmission data, charging in
one. It can also connect Hub to more
extensions.It almost meet the all peripheral
connection in the market.


As the item has still to be delivered. It is not possible then to charge it via USB-C?

How can I proceed?

i charge with usb C , and no problems

@SunLine, do you have the Ubook 11.6 (not the pro one)?
Aka this one -> https://www.chuwi.com/product/items/Chuwi-Ubook.html
Can you share wich kind of adapter are you using (Volts / Ampere)?


45W , yes 11’6 . You can buy it for 10 dollars in Aliexpress

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The link doesn’t work ? Do you have another link p,ease?

Hello guys!
and do you know if I could charge it with a mobil phone regular usb-C charger?
I wouldn’t like carry two kind of chargers everyday to my job.
Thanks a lot.