Ubook X 2023 SSD upgrade

The new Ubook X 2023 comes with a chinese brand “AirDisk” m.2. 2242 SSD size instead 2280.

For open the tablet to replace the SSD or batteries you have first to remove any microSD card inserted in the slot as well as any USB device/cable connected to the ports, then:

  1. Remove the two small screws in the bottom at rear side (beside of POGO pins)
  2. Using a plastic nail tool or a credit card, insert it between the plastic frame and the black bezzel of the screen starting at left-upper corner (close to the power ON/OFF switch) twisting slightly and moving all around the tablet while hearing the “clicks”. Once completed the rear frame can be separated. There are not cables/strips connecting both parts
  3. Disconnect the battery cable
  4. Remove the original SSD and replace with the new one

See picture attached

I hope this helps :wink: