Unlock bootloader for Hipad Pro

Hello everyone,

I have discussed about unlocking bootloader for Hipad Pro for flashing Custom ROMs on another post. The usual command lines for Android platform tools are as follow: (Please apply these in bootloader mode)
fastboot flashing unlock
fastboot oem unlock
fastboot oem unlocking
Follow this link for usual method of unlocking Android device with no required official unlock tool.
IF there is the requirement for the official unlock tool, this link shows the example of the process for unlocking bootloader with the official unlock tool.

If none of the above command lines work for your device, please check out this link for hidden command lines that may help you unlock bootloader for Hipad Pro.

This thread is specifically for unlocking bootloader for Hipad Pro. So in the future users of Hipad Pro will google search this easily in the future.

Hope we will find out the successful technics for unlocking bootloader of this device.

Remark: My Hipad Pro is unlocked by default already from the factory or from the seller.


Yesterday evening and today I fiddled with hipad pro in the hope of unlocking the bootloader, and I will say that so far to no avail.Commands such as

fastboot flashing unlock
fastboot oem unlocking
fastboot oem unlock

give no result, failed remote unknown command error.
On the Internet, they allegedly use the zykuroot.info program to unblock the same Chuwi,
but there is a big problem, downloading this program the antivirus swears a lot, risking and disabling the antivirus I download the program, but when I start it, the 7zip application is installed and that’s it.
So I already don’t know what to do with all this.

Thank you for time sacrificing. I have run some tests on the hidden command lines of fastboot from this link.
I found 2 commands that my Hipad Pro could recognise.
fastboot flashing unlock_critical
fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability
This is the screenshot of all my tests for the hidden fastboot command lines.

Please try these 2 command lines and see if there are some responds. By the way before doing this, you need to enter settings > activate developer mode > enable OEM unlocking. You have done this already correct? Otherwise there is no fastboot command lines would surely work.

The good NEWS is, at least, I know that Hipad Pro devices can be unlocked.

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Hi Super.Today I tried your commands, the result is the same. I don’t even know what else he needs (((

It’s possibly that your Hipad Pro require official unlock tool from Chuwi. By the way, please try this command lines in bootloader mode
fastboot help
to see what commands available for your device.
My device shows these commands as the bootloader unlocked.

You could show your device dispatcher when the tablet is connected.Can I have a problem with the drivers?Screenshot_9

Here is the result.

If you suspect these errors may cause your device unable to unlock bootloader, you can try uninstall the adb driver and reinstall with the adb drive in these like here or here.
This link shows how to install adb driver here.

Your fastboot commands look normal. But you probably need the official unlock tool to activate these commands. From your screenshot, it’s clear that the command to unlock bootloader is fastboot flashing unlock

If your device can flash boot.img to boot partition, I can dump my boot.img file and send to you for flashing. This method will allow your device to be able to use all fastboot commands that my device is capable of. But this risks bricking your device if it is not successful. So I would suggest waiting for the official stock firmware first. It’s too risky for bootloop using this method. I used to do this method and successfully fix fastboot command lines in my Xiaomi smartphones.

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Hi super, again thank you for your support to the community.

So…I follow all your above steps:

  • install adb drivers
  • download platform-tools
  • run the cmd
  • I can see my device and I also can see that is locked
  • when I enter on the fastboot I have tried all the commands but without any success

I was searching on the web and so far for the Chuwi Hipad Pro, there is not so much for information :(!
If you have any idea or someone for me to test, please feel free to share :)!

Thank you again super for all your help.

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Hi manuelbrunopt, Surely there are very few topics about Hipad Pro since this was barely released in July 2021. Usually it takes at least 6-12 months before there are more developers creating some tools or custom recoveries for Mediatek and Unisoc devices. But Qualcomm devices usually have bigger developers’s community.

There are 2 possible ways to unlock the locked Hipad Pro:

  1. The official unlock tool from Chuwi, if they allow their customers to unlock Hipad Pro. I tried to search about Chuwi policies for unlocking their Android devices. There is no announcement that they won’t allow this. So I guess there will be the official unlock tool to be released.
  2. The unofficial unlock tool from some developers.

I am now wondering how many Hipad Pro devices in the market that are already unlocked like mine. :thinking:


Hi Super,

Thank you again for your words.
About the Qualcomm devices you are so right, and what I was thinking is that for sure there is already some tool, that can unlock this device, the only thing is to know which tool can I use.
I will search in the meanwhile if I can find out, but I ask you if you kind of find something that could help us, please feel free to share :)!

About your unlock device, man, you were SUPER lucky :smiley: eheheh, I’m glad for you :)!

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Hi manuelbrunopt,

You’re welcome. I am trying to find out the method to unlock bootloader. Since flashing GSI ROMs is the only way for now to fix the 2 issues of the display. I want to have big community for Hipad Pro. This will benefit all Hipad Pro users from more developers for more tools and more parts and accessories available. The more parts availble, the longer this device can be used.

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