USB short circuit

Hello. A couple of days ago I tried to connect an old DVB USB dongle to my Herobox through a USB hub with other dongles on and I got a short circuit. As a result, the other dongles and the hub stopped working and, worst of all, the box is not booting anymore. Is there something I can do about it?


I would not advise you to go looking for the cause of the short circuit yourself, unless you have special training. Take the Herobox to a reputable service center for diagnostics, most services do it for free

I think that your motherboard may have been destroyed, I don’t know to what degree since it does not indicate if an auxiliary power was connected to the hub.
As you have been instructed, you should get help from a technician or contact in case they can provide you with the necessary spare part.

Thanks for your answers. The hub did not have auxiliary power. In case of a mobo damage, is there any spot more likable of having been affected?

In case the problem was a Bios blockage, you could try disconnecting the battery for an hour, reconnecting it later and trying to turn on