Webex and Digital Writing

I am looking for computer products–tablets/surface/what-you-have that can receive powerpoint or microsoft doc files (pdf would be good, too, but optional) from webex presentation sharing where the shared files can be digitally handwritten/annotated upon. Screen size would be 10 inch to 30 inch. Can Chuwi tablets/notebooks/laptops do this? I don’t know if this question should be in the tablet or laptop or notebook category—which kind of device does this doesn’t matter to me, I’m just looking for a device that can and Chuwi came up on my google searches.

In tablets, Chuwi has the UBook models, in 11.6 “and UBook Pro, in 12.3” with the necessary configuration for the uses it indicates, having a good stylus to use on the screens.

Excellent. I will put that in and try to get those computers and see how they work with the application of this forum. This is very useful for me to know. Thanks for helping me with this.

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