Wifi lost connection on Android but on Windows is good


HI10 pro cwi527
When I ping the tablet in Win 10 the connection is perfect.
But when I switch to Android the connection is lost many times.
I do reset, but not changed. I tried it with an another hi10 tablet too.

Anyone has a solution?

Please try to restore android to factory Settings.

Reset=restore android to factory Settings.

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Just have the same problem lost wifi on Android , bur works fine on Windows , same after reseting to factory !

… have any solution ?
When trying to connect wifi on Android , it try to connect, says ‘‘recorded’’ .
But it does not connected at all , server and password are ok .
Connection is marked as weak connection,but i am close to the modem , and my Samsung phone works perfectly with the same server and password .

Please tell me your serial number.

Serial number is :

H10 HQ64G42180303883

Then,try to reinstall andiord,if still doesn’t work please send me a video.