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[Hi12] [Official Version][Dualboot] Chuwi Hi12 Android, Remix, Windows, Bios, driver...

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emily|Post time:4-14-2016 16:18:41 View:289776|Reply:827

Edited by emily at 9-20-2017 23:17

[Official Version](for Dualboot with Android and Windows)Chuwi Hi12 Android + Remix + Windows10 + Bios + driver download links:

1. Android:
Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot Android Download: ... S_%28Dual_OS%29.rar
The "flash-no-erase-all.json" file:!tgpShJyT!iKt3k ... YwGnz6p6pP7WxROl5SY

2. Remix:
Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot Remix 2.0 (based on Android 5.1) Download: ... 0_%28Dual_OS%29.rar
(only support serial number before 1609XXXXX)

3. Windows:
Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot Windows 10 Download (7 parts): ... 12_Dualboot_Windows
The Windows file is too large, so it is divided into 7 parts. Every part is about 1GB.

Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot Bios Download: ... s_%28Dual_OS%29.rar

Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot Latest Bios Download:!ghRAVIoI!NoGU_ ... oKCZOEYyl9cD2Amc8SA
To solve the wifi disconnet issue, reboot issue...
The version number is 5.11 28.04.2016

5. Driver:

Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot Driver_X64 Download: ... Hi12_Driver_X64.rar

Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot Touch Driver Download:!tlxR1JJD!o9J97 ... n0X62A6lJ1EbYqjr3qM
Chuwi Hi12 Camera Driver for cannot recording: ... annot_recording.rar


Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot (20161008) Download:

Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot Android (20161008) ...

Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot Windows (20161008) ... ot_Windows_20161008

Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot Bios (20161008) ... 2_BIOS_20161008.rar


Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot Windows(TP) for Z8350CPU
(used for serial number Hi12 Q64G45170100001-Hi12 Q64G45170105000, Update the TP driver)

Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot Windows Z8350: ... Hi12_Windows_Z8350_(TP)_170100001-170105000
PS: The touch screen is changed.

Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot Android Z8350: ...

Chuwi Touch Driver Z8350 (for Hi12 Q64G45170100001-Hi12 Q64G45170105000): ... %29%28-V1.4.2.0.rar
New Driver: (for Q64G45170400XXX):
Windows:(for Q64G45170400XXX)

Notice: the links above are for Chuwi Hi12 Dualboot with android and windows.

Chuwi Hi12 Tutorial:


  • It is dualboot Hi12 tablet after serial number Q64G451603XXXXX;
  • Hi12 use the Z8300 CPU before serial number Q64G45161002500;
  • Hi12 use the Z8350 CPU after serial number Q64G45161100001;
  • It is Windows10 singleboot Hi12 tablet before serial number 451603XXXXX;
  • Above bios are only for Chuwi Hi12 tablet with Z8300. If your tablet is Z8350 CPU, please don't use this bios. It will brick your tablet. Besides, Chuwi Hi12 Bios for Z8350 will erase the Windows key, so i will not publish it.


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mmichii| Post time 4-18-2016 03:11:48 | Show all posts
i have recently tried to use the reset function on windows 10 only to find it doesn't work and bricks windows.  I used the image provided here and was successful but i though i would share more detailed instructions with all of you.
1) i had to use a usb keyboard (logitech k360 wireless keyboard) and press repeatedly F7 while powering on to get the boot menu and select the usb drive partition.
2) I formatted the drive using rufus.  the most important part is to set the label field to WINPE or the script will not work.  See rufus settings below.
3) I then copied all the extracted files to the usb stick.
4) I then powered on while pressing the F7 button repeatedly to get the boot menu.  I selected the second of the two partitions from the usb stick although I don't think it matters which one you pick
5) the script will do everything automatically and then shut down the tablet on its own.
6) remove the usb stick and power on the tablet and windows will go through it's setup routine.

Rufus settings:
Partition settings and target system type -> GPT partition scheme for UEFI
File System -> NTFS
Cluster size -> 4096 bytes (Default)
New volume label -> WINPE
check mark -> Quick format
check mark -> Create a bootable disk using (select UEFI:NTFS)

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levanquyen2210| Post time 11-10-2017 08:06:51 | Show all posts
Hello, I need bios for my Chuwi Hi12 Q64G451709xxxxx
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emily| Post time 2-10-2017 18:27:08 | Show all posts
arkeon replied at 2-10-2017 02:01
just saw that on the edited post

Here is the Hi12 bios for Z8350!5lhDADwJ!5kP_C ... v2FGO93sb_49DixphAI

But it will erase the Windows key, if it is not a must, please don't use it. Thanks
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Motobot| Post time 12-20-2016 20:17:59 | Show all posts
Edited by Motobot at 12-21-2016 07:19

Hello Andres,
This is a very bad idea to use any external program to flash BIOS.
First of all you need to check version of your current BIOS. If the Project Version is E4D6_HI-122LP.223 x64 or E4D6_HI-122LP.233 x64 then your BIOS is up-to-date.
There is no problem to flash the BIOS using a bootable USB flash drive.
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mouaisien| Post time 5-16-2016 07:45:15 | Show all posts
tcmean replied at 5-16-2016 06:14
Emily, can I have the password for dropbox? I need the driver package.

Emily wrote The password is

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FeyoMx| Post time 4-14-2016 04:47:29 | Show all posts
Thx Emily how to install? Finally,Right now the fun begins
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Denisman| Post time 4-14-2016 02:25:43 | Show all posts
How to install Android on tablet?
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F.Krueger| Post time 11-20-2017 10:16:45 | Show all posts
Motobot replied at 11-17-2017 08:00
Возможно, у вас, в Калуге, чудеса в порядке вещей, но в  ...

Добрался, почитал. Проще надо быть, проще. У вас в Таганроге радиация повышена, что такие гении рождаются?
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Motobot| Post time 5-29-2016 20:01:53 | Show all posts
Edited by Motobot at 7-3-2016 14:18
dota96 replied at 5-28-2016 13:00
thanks motobot and mouasien

if I clean reinstall my operating system with English version , did t ...

This method can offer a clean reinstall Windows only if you don’t have reason to keep your Android in the tablet and merge about 9 GB to Windows for more space. But it is not suitable for tablets, sold in the Chinese market. Because of installed Win 10 RTM CoreCountrySpecific OEM: DM

You must understand that a clean installation - it is not the same as reinstalling Chuwi Hi12 Windows 10 System according to the official Chuwi instructions.
Any device with a preinstalled Windows 10 should be easily reinstalled by clean installation with the same Windows 10 edition with any product language. Your license key is stored in BIOS.
You can use the media creation tool to create your own installation USB flash drive and perform a clean installation using USB. The media creation tool and detailed instructions how to use it can be found here:
You should not perform  installation using the media creation tool. Just select Create installation media for another PC. Choose English (people from other language world have to select other language), Windows 10 Home, 64-bit architecture, USB flash drive and follow other steps to download and create the installation media.
I do hope you know how to perform installation and what to do next. Before installation, you should download all the Chuwi Hi12 Drivers from the first page of the thread.
The battery level should be more than 50% before reinstalling the system.
Restart your tablet with the USB drive inserted and boot from that device.
Press the power button of the tablet and simultaneously click “F7” of the keyboard continuously to enter the boot menu.
Choose your USB flash drive and click Enter.
You should skip the product key page by selecting the Skip button.
Go through the setup process normally until you see the “Which type of installation do you want?” screen. Select the “Custom” option to ensure you’re performing a clean install and not an upgrade install.
You should delete all partitions if you don’t have reason to keep your Android in the tablet and merge about 9 GB to Windows for more space.  Select the unallocated space to install Windows 10  and follow other steps to continue till the end.
You should  download ZIP file with file in it from here. Unzip the file and place it in folder C:\Windows\INF and do reboot of the tablet.
You should install all the necessary drivers after Windows installation. You should already have drivers downloaded.
Hi12 _X64 driver -dualboot.rar (it is about 245 МБ)
You must to UnRAR (extract the RAR archive) that file in folder C:\Drivers
Go to Devise manager & update drivers for unknown devices via Browse my computer for drivers... & forward to your folder C:\Drivers
Some of the devices will be not updated at once, it should not bother you, just keep updating other unknown devices. Then restart your tablet, go back to the Device Manager to check the remaining unknown devices. If these remain, repeat the update in the same way.
Your tablet should automatically activate itself after you connect to the Internet.
All that you do - you do at your own risk!
It is important to know some unpleasant nuances of the tablet. You should not attempt to run Windows reset to factory defaults ('Reset this PC'), because it will bricks the tablet.
As you probably know, official Chuwi's WIN10 Offline Activation Method doesn't work for Chuwi Hi12 dualboot.
Instead of the method described above, you can use a modified method of PepeII to restore from Recovery image and get Windows 10 Home.
Good luck.

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Motobot| Post time 6-21-2016 05:54:09 | Show all posts
M4tchB0X3r replied at 6-21-2016 13:53
What is the Version an Build of the Windows OS?
Can anyone who has updated the with the Files from  ...

Windows Home x64 En-US version 1511, build 10586.164 as default. And after updates - 10586.420
Screenshot (1)_1.png
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alesi80| Post time 4-14-2016 02:54:26 | Show all posts
when will will write an how to guide?
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sillik| Post time 4-14-2016 06:33:56 | Show all posts
Give us guide
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OlleR| Post time 4-14-2016 07:31:40 | Show all posts
please share success story if you upgraded old soloOS with these files
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Evobb| Post time 4-14-2016 08:01:41 | Show all posts
Good job
Have someone any problems with download:

Chuwi Hi12 Windows 10 OS (for Dualboot) link: ... al%20OS%29.rar?dl=0

I see only "Upload in progress". Maybe upload to another mirror?
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mouaisien| Post time 4-14-2016 08:26:41 | Show all posts
The same here, just have to wait!

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FeyoMx| Post time 4-14-2016 11:46:57 | Show all posts
It is better to wait since apparently NOT be installed in the version monoboot, apparently is only for dualboot. There is much confusion and I hope that we clarify Emily
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spzjulien| Post time 4-14-2016 16:18:41 | Show all posts
Now about the dualboot bios, here what offical say about it on chinese forum  :
bios is for dualboot Hi12 version
bios is for win10 single chinese os
bios is NOT for win10 single os but with more lang than chinese, they call it win10 single os Internaltional version
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