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[Hi10] [Tutorial] The Instruction to flash Windows 10 for CHUWI Hi10

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admin|Post time:1-13-2016 05:42:36 View:102106|Reply:99

Prepared Tools:

8GB USB Flash Disk, USB-OTG Cable, HUB (over 3 interfaces) and the USB keyboard as follows:
(2 USB flash disks)+ (a piece of OTG) + (HUB) + (1 keyboard)

How to find the serial number of the tablet?
It is at the back of the tablet as follows:

chuwi flashing

chuwi flashing

  • The tablet is in off mode and its battery level must be guaranteed over 50%.
  • Close the antivirus software before unzipping the image files to avoid the apps in files are deleted.

The first step:
  • Format the first USB flash disk that is made the startup disk into the format of FAT32, rename it as “WINPE”;
  • Format the second USB flash disk into the format of NTFS, rename it as “WINPE”.
  • Unzip the image files downloaded.

The second step:
Copy the unzipped Windows image files into the Root directory of the USB flash disk as follows:

  • copy 7 files of the USB1 into the first USB flash disk formatted as FAT32:

  • copy the "images" file of the USB2 into the second USB flash disk formatted as NTFS:

The third step:
The tablet connects Hub. Put the USB flash disk into the Hub, and then plug the Hub in keyboard as the picture shows:


put the second USB flash disk with NTFS format into the HUB;
The ports in the hub are in order.
The first USB flash disk should be put into the port firstly.
Please press the power button of the tablet and simultaneously click “F7” of the keyboard continuously to enter the boot mode.
And then put the second USB flash disk with NTFS format into the HUB.
Choose the first row "UEFI: SanDisk SanDisk Ultra PMAP, Partition 1" to flash the system automatically.


Press “Enter” button to program. When the programming is finished, the tablet will shut off automatically as follows:


The last step:
The tablet will automatically shutdown when completed;
The programming will last about 5 to 10 minutes; the precise time is dependent of Hub and U disk. The introduction is on basis of using the U disk 3.0. The programming lasts about 5 minutes

To flash windows 10 is risky, please follow the tutorial above; Any questions, please feel free to contact me or email to

Download Tutorial:!hswjHR7C!pUYWsnx5dYwjNGbMHhQuAXW4kPZX8WUTzt1SVodZApA


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ganondorf| Post time 1-8-2016 08:06:46 | Show all posts
Edited by ganondorf at 1-9-2016 00:41

I will wait for the video too.
Is it not possible to use the USB ports instead of the hub?
And after this process, as I can change the Windows 32 to Windows 64 without fail, you could also do a video?
And other with update the drivers!!!!
EDIT: YOU CAN UPLOAD A ENGLISH SERVER THIS in chinese is impossible download
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Yatnayr| Post time 1-13-2016 16:56:52 | Show all posts
If i made a bootable window 10 64bit thumbdrive would i be abe to reinstall the window?

i'm currently stuck in automatic repair loop and chuwi admin doesn't seem very helpful.

few question i would like to ask.

Would i lost my cd key for window 10?
would i brick my tablet if i reinstall my tablet using the bootable thumbdrive?
where can i find the drivers for all chuwi hi10?

this is pretty much my first windows tablet and it's giving me bad experience.
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amacar| Post time 1-7-2016 11:30:25 | Show all posts
Thank you for tutorial. Please update links to drivers.
Pyblo| Post time 1-7-2016 14:28:44 | Show all posts
Thank you for tutorial Process still seems a little to chaotic for me, so i will wait for the video from you and confirmation from other people it worked. Actually it would be fantastic if you could make a similar process like all notebooks use:

  • Update firmware mechanism (Flash BIOS for 64 bits)
  • Install 64 bit Windows 10
  • Install Chuwi drivers package

It is not easy to do but will make sure that users are not breaking their machines.
CalCha| Post time 1-10-2016 04:09:06 | Show all posts
Hi Guys,

I have done the update from V200 32bit to 64 bit. I have now Bios 603 and Windows 10 64bit working well but I'm stuck with a wifi issue:
My "Broadcom  802.11n wireless SDIO adapter" does not work properly, I have the following error "The device cannot start (Code 10)"

I have tried to reinstall windows and the driver without success, any help would be welcome!
przemprzem| Post time 1-10-2016 08:50:39 | Show all posts
Edited by przemprzem at 1-10-2016 23:32


I have received my tablet yesterday already with 64bit system, so I don't need to update. But my wifi isn't working, I have tried to reinstall the drivers it didn't work.

Edit: After looking more into my problem I think I have a different one. First of all I have a Realtek card.
Second of all: when I get very very close to my router the tablet detects my wifi, but as soon as I move few steps away the connection is lost. Is it a software of hardwear isue? Can this be fixed?

Chuwi! Please help with it. Thanks.
FrankTheTank| Post time 1-12-2016 12:49:24 | Show all posts
Edited by FrankTheTank at 1-12-2016 14:38

Hello Guys

my Bios is now up to date (607 x64), and I'm ready for the next step.
I think I can handle the windows update.

my problem is, that I have one RAR File with much drivers, but I don't know how to use this. In the manual for updating isn't any clue for where I can use them. (File: C106(X64)--全部驱动)

seems to be drivers

somebody know how to use this files?
thanks for any help
ganondorf| Post time 1-13-2016 01:10:02 | Show all posts
FrankTheTank replied at 1-12-2016 12:49
Hello Guys

my Bios is now up to date (607 x64), and I'm ready for the next step.

Have you had problems with the wifi after the upgrade ?
What method did you use to update ?Have you  used the method on this page?
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kan| Post time 1-13-2016 01:18:47 | Show all posts
Please upload it to dropbox or any other service that has english interface.
Right now it seems that we have to download a baidu?? client install this
and then download it from there.
All these steps have to be done using a chinese interface.

I would be grateful if I could get the zip with the drives.

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amacar| Post time 1-13-2016 05:42:36 | Show all posts
Here is one link, but I don't know if it it the most recent: ... VHM&usp=sharing
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