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Hi12 Standby problem

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okigo|Post time:1-29-2018 14:42:09 View:10057|Reply:42

andres| Post time 11-27-2017 11:15:18 | Show all posts
I NOTICE THE FOLLOWS:  (first sorry about my English, i hope to be clear)

Like everybody my chuwi hi12 dont start after sleep, no matter if i have the the original driver or xx.4444 or xx.4549 i have to turn off the tablet and re start.
i followed all recommendations on this forum and nothing.
i have my windows 10 updated but no positive results.the sleep problem is just limited to windows, at android weak up and sleep works fine 100%.


1. in previous tests i verify that the chuwi weak up only if the INTEL HD GRAPHICS DRIVER IS UNINSTALLED i mean using the generic driver (i know is not the best option but this let me know that problem is just related to intel HD graphics driver).
2. (BUT THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT) with the intel HD Drivers installed being at windows if i sign out my account or session ( start menu/my account logo(left mouse button)/ sig out) windows goes to the screen where we type the password i mean like the initial screen when windows start. after this if i close the lid or press the power button the chuwi goes to sleep mode and always weak up with no problem, looks like in that state the problem with the driver is avoided.

i am seriously tired with this tablet my fustrations with this tablet exceed all limits and like many of you guys i will never buy anything from this brand again, but meanwhile i will be glad to solve this problem in order to try to make this equipment a little usefull.

can any of you give me some advice?
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Motobot| Post time 11-27-2017 11:49:29 | Show all posts
andres replied at 11-27-2017 22:15
I NOTICE THE FOLLOWS:  (first sorry about my English, i hope to be clear)

Like everybody my chuwi h ...

Hello andres,
Unfortunately, all Hi12 tablets on the z8350 have this problem with Sleep mode. The only solution to this problem is to not use Sleep mode at all. Everything is described in detail here and in other threads. Click Click.
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SvenCa| Post time 1-29-2018 14:42:09 | Show all posts
You are talking about Windows, but I have a problem with Android and Window hints are not working for the Android part....
It's the z8350 chuwi 12. Are there any news about problem fixing?
I need the device for my smart home system and I realized a camera detection with display wakeup after display sleeping.... my solution is working fine....  until the device is going into a "I don't know mode" - then there is no display wakeup possible until I reboot the device hard....
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