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Possible fix for Chuwi HiBook charging issues - Chuwi staff PLEASE READ AS WELL

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Jim_Lahey|Post time:2-24-2018 13:56:19 View:7176|Reply:10

Just thought I would share this: I may have found a few workarounds for the really weird way the HiBook charges.  I am only a day into this, but this seems to be working in Windows mode (that is all I have tested in) ... please read below and comment if you tried and it does not work as I would like to know.  The instructions on option 1 are *not* for novices, so fair warning... and you might mess up your Windows install.  Be careful..

In Windows 10, go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Updates.  Click Advanced options.  Under Get Insider Previews, turn on previews and turn it to FAST level.  When you get the Windows update a little while after this, it will take a while to reboot, as at this point you are *ADDING* Windows 10 Insider previews to your system, at at this point the Insider program is testing for the next huge Windows release in late July, dubbed Anniversary Update, or Redstone.  In other words, this is a BETA.  It works great for the most part, but be warned.  After everything is finished, at least while the PC is ON and in Windows mode, charging seems to be far more normalized.  If you don't like the BETA you can roll back to release version of Win 10 ...


Try a Qualcomm Quickcharge-approved wall charger, v 2.0 or higher.  I have noted that when the tablet is off, the Qualcom charger seems to charge at a more predictable rate.

Again, #1 is a Beta and #2 may require a purchase.  I would like to know if anyone tries either of these and the results.


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supremoh| Post time 6-13-2016 12:15:17 | Show all posts
What charging issues are you talking about?
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drlui| Post time 6-16-2016 02:49:34 | Show all posts
No Need buy Extra Charger, I Use bundle Charger
if Machine On (Windows or Android) and then connect to Charger, The charging Current around 500mA, but
I connect It  when Machine is power Off (Not Sleep), the Charging Current Over 2A ,
     After then Power on Bootup OS, The  Charging  Current Remain Over 2A
     If Re-plug Cable is will go back to 500mA
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Sasha| Post time 6-19-2016 05:17:14 | Show all posts
Thanks for posting your experience. Chuwi techs seem to be totally ignorant. I also wanna share my experience:
For me, even offline tablet charges at 0.5A. But I found a "S5 charging driver" config in bios and turned it on. Then, I do next steps: attach power cable to offline tablet, then press & hold power and volume-up buttons. It starts loading and then it goes to an Offline Charging mode (when there is a battery drawn on a screen) with over 2A charging current. It's ridiculously unusable, but it's the only option. They even can't write normal software....
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DigitalMD| Post time 6-19-2016 09:03:16 | Show all posts
What version of BIOS is installed in your devices? It should be
BIOS Date: 05/07/2016 22:16:20 Ver: I1D6_C109.224  
If it is not , then you need to update it.
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Sasha| Post time 6-24-2016 16:27:42 | Show all posts
Updating to prerelease does not help.

Bios version is up-to-date, but it may be a bug in some kind of PMIC microcode.
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mante80| Post time 8-25-2016 22:05:19 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Hi, I opened a post for charging problems in windows 10. Stock charger doesn't charge tablet in windows 10. OS indicates charging on but battery percent keeps falling down till it finally turns off. I will try later plugging charger before OS turn on and let you know. Any other solution?
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misterr8472| Post time 12-1-2016 08:43:42 | Show all posts
So far as I know there is no immediate or easy fix.

I have now swapped my USB-C cable for a higher quality one. The bundled wall charger still doesn't charge when in Windows 10.

A hard reset also does nothing to change that situation, with the cable plugged or unplugged.

I can charge when in Android or while the tablet is shut down.

I have bought a new charger and will try that and see whether Windows 10 will like that one.

Lastly, I would be wary of windows updates, they can break these tablets.
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eltdesign| Post time 12-7-2016 10:56:13 | Show all posts
for this battery charge problem why chuwi still not release fix?? no new bios releases!  no way to buy new backup battery they not provide it!  they totally forget this tablet!   me too only can charge the tablet on android mode.
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kwisi| Post time 2-24-2018 13:56:19 | Show all posts
Chuwi Hi12 charges also ULTRA SLOW.
Any more persons tried to set S5-Charging Driver in BIOS to on? Anything went better?
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