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emily|Post time:12-7-2016 13:48:20 View:147758|Reply:425

Alk1| Post time 11-10-2016 14:30:35 | Show all posts
Im very very disappointed.   I was all day tringto read all forum  looking for understund Why there is so much caos in this forum.
I hope Emily will answer this time...
I need upgrade firmware about 2 HI10 ..... at final i think this is the right place  because my HI10 are not PRO  and is not a PLUS.... and i have dual boot.
I downloaded Firmware and after formatting USB pendrive in fatt 32 and renamed it in WINPE  i copied all file (decompressed) inside the pen.... ok... process start but at final cant find a HOLE and dont close process.
Why is impossible  in this caos give a SERIAL NUMBER  and find a simply file???  
Ok my system is not briked.. still is working fine  but i NEED upgrade firmware because  randomly  system shut down .... and i need resolve it ... Please!  Emily

My serials numbers are   HI10 Model CWI515 Q64G42160800925 and HI10 model CWI515 Sn Q64G42160800926      
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anawindho| Post time 11-13-2016 01:39:35 | Show all posts
Hi all,
I have the same problem  on internal screen sometimes black sometimes flicker
since I need to upgrade my Bios but wrong bios
and I try to following step by step to read on forum  but no any way to resolve
I feel disappoint on my chuwi hi10  and final I try to re-flash by use Hi10 plus to flash
the result is Internal screen is working but but but  screen split for 2 screen on my tablet
I have asked the Chuwi support they said, So strange
and try to send the same firmware to me try   and message shown
"bd-Error: Requested rom hole not available in rom file"

How do I resolve this problem any one be the same like me?
My serial is  Chuwi HI10 x64 Dual boot
CWI515  Hi10 Q64G42160700833
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stp1982| Post time 11-16-2016 07:35:43 | Show all posts
Edited by stp1982 at 11-16-2016 07:46

Can anyone tell me what I can do, this is the situation:

I have a Chuwi Hi10, CWI515, Serial Q64G42151100XXX, I bought it as a dual android/windows tablet.

After trying to root android, following a guide here(that turned out to be for a different serial no. Hi10) I was able to install recovery to flash zips etc,
however, the next step could not be followed and so the android partition was left unreadable.

I then attempted to use the flash tool on this site *with various images) but part way through it shows that there is a partition size mismatch, or thats what I think it indicates, that the partition size on my device is not the same size as the image to be flashed onto it)... which makes me think that the android image is for a different model number?
Here were the messages:

From the Tool on PC:
  1. target reported max download size of 268435456 bytes
  2. erasing 'system'...
  3. OKAY [  0.553s]
  4. sending sparse 'system' (259493 KB)...
  5. OKAY [ 18.430s]
  6. writing 'system'...
  7. FAILED (remote: Flash failure: Invalid Parameter)
  8. finished. total time: 34.260s
Copy the Code

On the  Hi10 Screen:

  1. Attempt to skip outside of partition
Copy the Code

I also managed to flash through recovery CM12, but, again, I made a mistake and this was for the plus model, so although android 'worked' it was unusable, since the wifi/bluetooth/sound/touch did not function, and the mod developer does not have the kernel.

So, my questions are:

Is there a different image for my model for android (keep dual boot)?

If I were to reinstall windows and android via the methods here, would the partitions be resized correctly, or would I end up just wiping windows for no reason as android will not be able to be flashed still?

And thirdly, does anyone know of a flashable (via recovery) android, or has someone been able to make a clockwork mod backup of a clean system? since this method doesnt care if the partitions are different size to the source, as long as the data fits.

Side note, as maybe this is related (as in, do I have the right bios maybe), as when I boot into bios, the screen is fixed in portrait, is this normal? (it also defaults to this orientation in cm12 as if portrait is 0 degrees always)

I hope someone can help, I would like to get android working again!


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LuciferShadow| Post time 11-19-2016 12:56:50 | Show all posts
Hello. My hi10 is dead, i flash bios E4D6_C106_E0511.224 and
hi10 is alive, but Windows not load with error: ACPI_BIOS_ERROR and display in bios mode randomly blinking.

Where i can get my bios E4D6_C106_H.233 ?
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emily| Post time 11-23-2016 22:18:23 | Show all posts
Hello, friends
I have uploaded new bios with 233 version. If your tablet has any screen, please flash new bios again to solve the issue.
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fjananos| Post time 11-24-2016 11:00:29 | Show all posts
Hi Emily, will the version 233 solve the problems with the SD Card on Windows 10??.
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longjohn119| Post time 11-30-2016 15:54:08 | Show all posts
Edited by longjohn119 at 11-30-2016 16:54

Is there anywhere else to download these Windows images because Dropbox is just ridiculously slow and bug ridden which is why I haven't even used it for over 2 years .... and it's even worse and slower today than it was back then .... I can't even get it to download a GB before it crashes and makes me start all over again .... Which is a ridiculous waste of bandwidth since these idjits at Dropbox seem to be too stupid to figure out how to make their downloads start where they left off ..... If people didn't have reload an entire file 15 times and download 10 GB to just get 1 GB of data maybe their servers wouldn't be so insanely and ridiculously slow ....

It shouldn't take longer for me to download a 5.5 GB file than it does for Amazon to ship me the computer from half way across the US ...... It'll be here tomorrow and chances are about 99% I'll still be trying to download this Windows image

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swirinet| Post time 12-5-2016 20:37:39 | Show all posts
help me,
do you know this message??
other download link, please help.

Error (429)
This account's links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!
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tojasvezer79| Post time 12-7-2016 13:45:04 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Szia. Nem lehet elérni a fájl letöltéseket le van tiltva mikor lesz el3r
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tojasvezer79| Post time 12-7-2016 13:48:20 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Szia. Nem tudom a fájlokat letölteni le van tiltva mikor lesz hozzáférhető? Hello. You can not download the files is disabled when it will be available?
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