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emily|Post time:2-20-2019 10:05:06 View:139603|Reply:422

lucx11| Post time 1-28-2019 04:34:51 | Show all posts
manonegra222 replied at 1-28-2019 03:55
You should always use if the exact number does not exist for the serial number of your tablet, you ...

ok, thanks for the info, but do you know where I can find it? On the first page i can't find the previous download... :S
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AleksiH| Post time 2-17-2019 08:43:05 | Show all posts
Hello to all! I need a BIOS for Chuwi h10 model: CWI527 Serial: 4G + 64G Hi10 LQ64G42180100815. For early thanks!
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megvadulthangya| Post time 2-20-2019 08:23:41 | Show all posts
Edited by megvadulthangya at 2-20-2019 23:35

Hello Em! Please tell me what to download for this Chuwi hi10 Q64G42160502534 Have z8300. I need a dual boot windows installer. Thank you!

"Windows (Z8350):
Dualboot Chuwi Hi10 Windows for 1611" This version of the first post... Randomly stop. Black screen... DO NOTHING.

And the touchscreen is doing veird things... Like i press and hold one finger, and think i press randomly 4-5 places ... I see a lot of touch indicator....

Plus all drivers... i want to build a 1809 installer for this..

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jeepy0815| Post time 2-20-2019 10:05:06 | Show all posts
Edited by jeepy0815 at 2-20-2019 10:57

Hello Emily,

I need to reinstall Win10 and Android on my Hi10 Dualboot Serial: Q64G42161000107 with Z8300 CPU.Where can I download the right version of win10 and Android ?

Also all the drivers I'd need please.

Thanks a lot

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