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emily|Post time:9-7-2016 12:46:54 View:149735|Reply:425

Westboy82| Post time 7-21-2016 01:54:42 | Show all posts
emily replied at 6-20-2016 19:24
The easy way is to return it to factory for repair.

Where is the procedure to send our tablet for repair/substitution?
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ViciiuZ| Post time 8-5-2016 16:38:48 | Show all posts
i don't see nothing clear

my tablet is  HI10 Q64G42160200695
1º Can i transform in dualboot?
2º what's files i have to download
3º whats tutorial that I have to follow?
Thank you to reeply
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Torien| Post time 8-6-2016 23:26:07 | Show all posts
Edited by Torien at 8-7-2016 03:49

Hi, i have succesfully turned my Chuwi 10 single OS to dualboot, but process itself was quite cumbersome. So, hopefully, to save few souls a torment or to give them one , here is a little help.
Basically, all you need is on these forums, but is confusing as hell....
I will share steps taken, but not in every step by step detail, so be prepared to do your homework.

Only serial number afer Hi10 421602XXXXX tablet can be transformed to dualboot. (This is not from me!, I dont know for sure, but i assume people here know what they are talking about, mine is 42160400682 though)
At least above 50% charged tablet. For sure 100 and i did have power supply connected through the process.
USB Flash, at least 8GB. Just one is enough. (Try to not use MicroSD cards to USB adaptors, I did had problems with them)
External USB keyboard.
Micro HDMI-HDMI cable and HDMI monitor.
Basic knowledge of windows and linux OS.
Diapers maybe , its not without the risk and you know that.
As a pre step, download all dualboot files from this post and extract them to your computer.
Download and install by the tutorial PhoneFlash Tool from this post.

Basic steps are:
1. Flash the BIOS
2. Flash (install) Android
3. Flash (install) Windows

Make your backup or whatever you need, I did a clean install of whole tablet, as I failed to install Android without erasing Windows.

There was times when tablet was unresponsive, looked broken. Try to plug, unplug tablet to charger. Long press press power button repeatedly. Mine always came to life
There was some start up loops, be patient. Give him some time before powering him down.      

1. Flash the BIOS
As posted above, you dont need to open tablet, solder, etc.
Use instructions from here and create Rescue USB (c option for win)
On created USB navigate to folder boot/grub and here edit grub-480.cfg file with notepad. Replace all isolinux words to syslinux. Save and close.
From previously extracted Dualboot Bios folder, copy bios.bin file to Rescue USB root directory.
Connect external keyboard, USB Rescue flash, external HDMI monitor (tablet screen wont work) and power on tablet. On power on quickly tap few times escape key on keyboard to enter BIOS.
In BIOS navigate to SAVEandEXIT and under Boot Override select you USB flash (UEFI: Generic Mass-Storage...etc)
Select first option in System Rescue menu, wait for command promp.
Using commands cd, ls navigate to find bios.bin file (should be in folder /mount/Windows/ i dont remember exactly)
Once you find him type in flashrom -p internal -w bios.bin, execute and wait. After done, power off tablet with power button (long press).

There was few some boot loops on power on, but it came away.
In this stage you should have dualboot menu upon start up (volume up down select, power button ack) and windows should be still working.

2. Flash (install) Android
You should have PhoneFlash Tool installed. Connect tablet to computer via Micro usb.
Follow steps here. Use json file locate in your extracted Dualboot Android folder. (flash-no-erase didnt work for me, there was partition error, i suppose that you must create one for android by shrinking your windows one, I didnt try that)

Now your dualboot menu shows only android, you can try him out.

3. Flash (install) Windows
Prepare your USB Flash. Format it to NTFS and named it WINPE.
Copy to USB Flash both content of folders USB1 and USB2 (yes both, no need to use two flash drives, hub, etc.)
Insert USB Flash to tablet (used non blue port). Power on.
On boot menu, you should have W letter, select it with volume keys.
Installation is automated. Wait good amount of time. (I did had errors problems using install method with using two flash drives and microsd adapters, this worked for me)
After its done tablet should power off.
Remove USB Flash.

Remember that after powering up windows, its first install, it will reboot few times.
Sorry if I missed something and for my English.

If everything works... then its time for victory dance.

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idbricco| Post time 8-10-2016 02:25:18 | Show all posts
Dualboot Chuwi Hi10 Windows Download: ... %20Windows.rar?dl=0

Download stop always ...
can you upload on another service?
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ntd0202| Post time 8-14-2016 18:48:16 | Show all posts
are you can divide it, I can only dowload to 90% (Windows)
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ntd0202| Post time 8-15-2016 00:34:34 | Show all posts
sody replied at 6-15-2016 12:34
hi emily
I tried a lot and did not succeed installing Android
how install Android  Q64G42151105357 ...

4215 can not install Android
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emily| Post time 8-15-2016 23:41:00 | Show all posts
ntd0202 replied at 8-14-2016 18:48
are you can divide it, I can only dowload to 90% (Windows)

I have divided it into 6 parts, pls download Dualboot Hi10 Windows - 6 parts

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robbie2k| Post time 9-2-2016 18:18:59 | Show all posts
Hi to everybody, I just bought a Chuwi Hi10 thinking that was  Single boot (Windows 10) but it is dual boot.

There is a way to convert it in Single Boot (Windows 10 only)? or at least to modify the partitions space, giving more space to the windows partition?

Thank you for your kind answer.
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wes?| Post time 9-6-2016 15:59:47 | Show all posts
Hello, got my new Chuwi Hi10, messed Windows up. So i used the DualBoot download in the first post and the tutorial to set it up again. That worked after some tries.

But the Touchscreen is not working in Windows (Android works). Downloaded the drivers, tried to install what I thought would make sense but that did not help. Do you have any advice?
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wes?| Post time 9-7-2016 12:46:54 | Show all posts
Edited by wes? at 9-7-2016 12:47
wes? replied at 9-6-2016 15:59
Hello, got my new Chuwi Hi10, messed Windows up. So i used the DualBoot download in the first post a ...

So to add a little information because after some hours I could not fix the issue:
- There seem to be some unknown devices in the device manager (DM.png)
- I installed the drivers from the 64Bit download as shown in DR.png, by right-clicking and selecting "install"
- Seems like the Device Manger found the drivers (DM2.png), but it still doesn't work
- If I try to select the drivers for the unknown devices, Windows says that the device could not be initialized

Should be a driver issue as it works in Android...
Any idea?
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