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[Vi10 Plus] [Official Version] [2G/32G] Chuwi Vi10 Plus Remix OS, Windows, Android Download

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emily|Post time:9-13-2016 23:44:54 View:53493|Reply:181

Hamid| Post time 9-5-2016 21:45:50 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Must using keyboard and HUB?
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Hackerjac| Post time 9-5-2016 23:41:25 | Show all posts
Edited by Hackerjac at 9-6-2016 11:56
Hamid replied at 9-6-2016 06:45
Must using keyboard and HUB?

If installing bios, then yes
If installing Windows, then yes
If installing Android/RemixOS, then no

And to answer your other question from before, no, you can't install RemixOS for Pc along side Windows on the eMMC, you can install it on a USB stick, but you will probbely loose touchscreen and audio, maybe also wifi
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Deen0X| Post time 9-7-2016 04:43:29 | Show all posts

Windows ask to activate it.
"The product key is not working with this version of window"

what mean this? i must buy a windows key for activation?
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Skyfire| Post time 9-7-2016 13:34:32 | Show all posts
Hi there, I´d like to know if the freeze problems ( Videoplayback )from Remix will be gone if I install Android. If the Android is without bugs I will not send it back to Gearbest. And what about the keyboarddocking , will it work with Android ?
Kind regards, Skyfire
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Valendar| Post time 9-9-2016 02:02:18 | Show all posts
Dropbox say error on links =(
Please reload all files to another site or dropbox account
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joshg| Post time 9-13-2016 10:01:08 | Show all posts
Edited by joshg at 9-13-2016 11:41
Skyfire replied at 9-7-2016 13:34
Hi there, I´d like to know if the freeze problems ( Videoplayback )from Remix will be gone if I ins ...

Skyfire, yes I had many of the same freezing and other issues with Remix, even trying to wipe and reload Remix using this image here, and still lot of freezing.  Since then I have put Android and Windows on it and almost all of the issues are gone -- it works pretty well!

My current issues (which I have submitted tickets for as well as others I think):

1) Sometimes in Android when you push the power button to wake from sleep, it takes about 10 seconds to wake up. You have to just be patient and only press it in one time and do not touch anything else... and just wait. Then the screen will come on and you can swipe to unlock (again after about 10 seconds!).  Also, very rarely, it sometimes does not wake up at all.  But this has only happened a few times out of hundreds for me.

2) In Android, similar with Remix, with the keyboard attached, the screen seems like it will not go to sleep at first.  It will try.. the screen turns black, and then a few seconds later the screen turns on again.  Actually, though, it seems like after 1 or 2 cycles of this, it does finally go to sleep.  So this is not a huge deal as it does seem to finally go to sleep all the way, but it takes a few cycles it seems before it does this.  I haven't paid enough attention to figure out exactly what it might be doing here?

3) In Windows... I also have the HiPen 2 and it does not really work.  It seems almost like the digitizer doesn't even exist or there are no drivers and the hardware is not recognized in Windows or something???

The Windows partition has around 5 GB free after first install, but if you do a Windows update that shrinks to around 3 or so.. you can clean some Windows update files and stuff and get it back to 4 GB free, but as you can see it is quickly shrinking.

I wonder and wish there were a way to use only Android instead of Remix. The current flash process seems to force it to be an 8GB partition.  I haven't tried but I wonder if you can expand the partition using a Live USB environment like Ubuntu after you install Android and not install Windows?

Also ... Can we possibly get a copy of the BIOS without the OS Selection screen (for dual boot OS)?  What if we want to go back to Remix-only or try to have only one operating system?  From what I can tell there is no way to disable the OS Selection screen once you flash to the Dual boot BIOS and there is no single boot BIOS made available on this site to download   
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Skyfire| Post time 9-13-2016 12:26:05 | Show all posts
Edited by Skyfire at 9-13-2016 13:03

Someone, not me ! made this file . Flashing Android or Remix with it makes mor space available.  I tested it and it works !
Martin over at Techtablets says:
"The original gpt is made for dual boot so there is only 7 GB of free space for android. I have modified this file and now there should be around 19 GB of free space for using."

I´d be great if someone could upload Remix and Android. I will put in my dropbox so anyone can have it again.
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Everx| Post time 9-13-2016 17:37:34 | Show all posts
Dropbox account has been disabled, can you upload the files to other server? Thank you!

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Ldm85| Post time 9-13-2016 23:02:28 | Show all posts
Thanks for uploading the files and tutorial emily, but there is a problem with dropbox.. Do you can upload to mediafire or other online service? Thanks so much
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Deen0X| Post time 9-13-2016 23:44:54 | Show all posts
about the freeze problems. this occurs in all OS, and as i checked is produced by the CPU speed of the SoC
if you root android (RemixOS or Android) you can control this issue (or almost, will appear less) installing any app that control CPU speed.
my suggested config is:
Speed: 1.4GHz
governor: interactive

but, even with this config, sometimes the device freezes.

Using windows there is no way to control CPU speed. Windows try to keep low temp profile, doing so much throttling and get worse performance most of the time.

I did some testing, force cooling of the device (using a cooling gel bag) and the performance and stability is better, but of course you can't use this.

another problem i mentioned previously, and i'm waiting for some solution, is that Windows OS come without active licence. @Emily can you ask about this problem? every one that will install Windows on their device, will get a trial period of Windows 10, and then they must activate with some key.

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