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[Hi10 Pro] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi10 Pro Windows, Android, Bios, Driver Download

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emily|Post time:1-27-2019 06:11:00 View:248568|Reply:1521

Byjaps| Post time 1-22-2019 05:01:33 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Byjaps at 1-22-2019 05:22

Hello. I have a chuwi hi10 pro - HQ64G42161203987 and in Windows everything works great but on Android when I start a game appear scratches and traces in the image and it blocks sometimes even restart.
I already reset Android.
I have already flashed the bios for one I saw here in the forum and nothing changed.
Now I have the rom cm12.1 and although the android have become more fluid, even using the weakest resolution, I can not play games.
The same game in Windows with maximum resolution works without problems.  
Can someone help me?
I think it's not a hardware problem because Windows does it well.
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Byjaps| Post time 1-27-2019 06:11:00 | Show all posts
Edited by Byjaps at 1-27-2019 11:03

I flash the Android on my HI10 pro HQ64G421612XXXXX...
Version "PQ64 (20161103)" does not work.
Version "HQ64 (Hi10 HQ64G42170100001-Hi10 HQ64G42170300000)" all ok but the problem in the games with 3d kept.
Version "after Hi10 HQ64G42170300000" does not work the camera but everything else is ok (3d games the same problem).

Now I have the "HQ64 (Hi10 HQ64G42170100001-Hi10 HQ64G42170300000)" version and with the CM12.1 rom but 3d games dont work..

Is it bios problem?
For example:
"beach buggy racing" works fine on Windows but on Android crashes and flaws appear in the image (scratches and dashes appear randomly on the screen and the game crashes constantly).

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