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[Vi8 Plus] [Tutorial] How to reinstall Windows 10 OS for Chuwi Vi8 Plus

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emily|Post time:8-2-2016 21:53:11 View:19162|Reply:17

Edited by emily at 4-25-2017 23:29

The Instruction to Flash Windows 10 OS for Chuwi Vi8 Plus

1. The battery level should be more than 50% before flashing the system;
2. It'd better close the antivirus software before unzipping the image files to avoid that the applications in files are deleted.
3. The USB flash disk needs to make the startup disk firstly, the link for downloading the startup disk files!kkZBGZKK!lnAGe ... vLv9RSqBhHGESvAayAg
Tools for flashing system:
  • 8GB USB Flash Disk;
  • USB-OTG Cable;
  • HUB (over 3 interfaces);
  • the USB interfaces keyboard;

As follows:

The first step:
Please format the USB flash disk that succeeds in making the startup disk into the format of FaT32, and then rename it as “WINPE”; (If the image is more than 4GB, pls format with NTFS)

The second step:
Please unzip the image files to the Root directory of the USB flash disk;
To choose all these files, then copy them to USB flash disk named "WINPE";
The tablet connects Hub. Please put the USB flash disk into the Hub, and then please plug the Hub in keyboard as the picture shows:

The third step:
Please press the power button of the tablet. At the same time, click "F7" of the keyboard continuously. And then you will enter the Flashing mode.
Choose the first one to flash the system

Press "Enter" button to program. When the programming is finished, the tablet will shut off automatically

The programming will last about 5 to 10 minutes; the precise time is dependent of Hub and U disk. The introduction is on basis of using the U disk 3.0. High-speed programming lasts about 5 minutes.

Download Tutorial:

  !ZtAUBQAY!9zDg2 ... A2v1M0JFHQi27HnG0Hs

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xaser| Post time 11-15-2016 20:25:13 | Show all posts
Edited by xaser at 11-15-2016 20:28

Dear Emily,
I have non functioning wifi due forced windows 10 update (bcmwdidhdsdio-Broadcom SDIO WIFI?, reason: cannot start code 10), and I want to restore my tablet to factory build but it seems the installation script is not working on my case.
Tried to install it following procedure from for 6 times. But always restart after copying something with 100% progress bar (can't read clearly after that step because it's too fast to read and then restart) and after restart either one of 2 scenario happens:
1. busy circle below Chuwi logo keeps going (3 of 6 install attempt)
2. sometimes give error box asking to restart after long busy circle and keep asking again even after said restart( rest 3 of 6 attempt)

Can you help me on:
1. explain what main.cmd script do (AFAIK it creates 3 partitions) ?
2. explain correct way to install, do I need to unplug WinPE USB after 1st boot and wait for 3 restart (is this normal?) and what about driver (is it already installed or do it manually after successfull Windows 10 boot) ?
3. supply stable bcmwdidhdsdio Broadcom SDIO WIFI driver that play nice with Windows 10, since I've tried installing various build of Windows 10 with various WiFi driver combination in vain
4. If all fails, can you help me how to convert my Vi8 plus single boot to Android only ?

I'm running out of options, my Vi8 plus is now relegated for ebook reader function until WiFi problem is solved


nb. additional data: device that didn't work:
1. bcmfn2 (Broadcom device?), reason: wait for device to start
bcmfn2 Device will also not start - because it is waiting for the network adapter?
2. bcmwdidhdsdio (Broadcom SDIO WIFI?), reason: cannot start code 10
My Chuwi Vi8 runs like usual, albeit offline - no wifi
3. USB port is not supplying power to peripheral, so even USB flashdisk is not detected until attached via powered USB hub
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steroid| Post time 6-26-2016 02:51:22 | Show all posts
Good day, I bought Vi8 +.
It came with a non-working tachscreen. I decided that the problem in the BIOS and flash it on last version, no effect.  After i flash doubleboot bios.
Device stop working display dont turn on, but device still charging, blinking red lead. I blindly through intel phone tools try flash  android. Phone leadlight stop work. Logs empty.  Device stop charging is not. But if I connect device  to usb hub and hold down the power button, after 5 seconds lead on hub blink once, and then I hold vol+ and power button  lead on hub is on and 5 seconds later off. Can help?
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rubbersoulfella| Post time 4-21-2016 04:28:41 | Show all posts
Please help me... i can't use it... I follow every exact steps...
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emily| Post time 4-26-2016 23:23:33 | Show all posts

The reason is that the files of the USB disk can't be recognized.
You should close antivirus software before flashing windows to avoid files to be deleted.
Then set correctly USB disk according tutorial step.
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benny_sp| Post time 5-1-2016 23:27:16 | Show all posts
I can't download that link please help me thanks
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emily| Post time 5-2-2016 19:57:53 | Show all posts
benny_sp replied at 5-1-2016 23:27
I can't download that link please help me thanks

The dropbox link has been restored. Please try it again.
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emily| Post time 6-26-2016 17:53:49 | Show all posts
If your touchscreen don't work, you should reinstall touch driver not Bios.
Please connect your tablet and computer with date cable to see if you can read any information through the computer.
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shuichi85| Post time 7-31-2016 20:34:24 | Show all posts
dear emily, whats the pass for dropbox. thanks
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emily| Post time 8-2-2016 21:53:11 | Show all posts
shuichi85 replied at 7-31-2016 20:34
dear emily, whats the pass for dropbox. thanks

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