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[Other] How to Change Serial Number and other OEM customizations

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deejay1963|Post time:10-1-2016 09:41:59 View:6869|Reply:2

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Many people using Chuwi Tablets do bios upgrades and do fresh, clean microsoft iso windows installation. As a result of bios upgradation they loose the serial number as it is stored in their bios and by fresh windows installation they loose the oem information and chuwi logo as displayed in their system properties (right click my pc, properties). This post will enable you to get back that information.

note i) I do not know if the attached file is copyrighted by AMI or not. if it is, then I'll request the admin to remove the file. Although google can help you to get D/L links for it.

note ii) Me and chuwi co. are not responsible if you brick your tablet by doing this (although the chances are very small). Do this at your own risk.

Part I: BIOS Customizations

1) Download the attached file Amidewin.rar and extract the contents to any folder, for e.g. C:\amidewin

2) Read the readme.txt file and get to know what all information you can change in the bios.

3) Right click the start button and click on Command prompt (Admin), this will open the command prompt window.

4) Change to the folder where you extracted the downloaded file, in our example type cd c:\amidewin

5) First, type amidewin /ALL mytablet.txt , you can give any name to the .txt file. wait till the command is done, this will create a txt file in the same folder containing the current smbios information. read this file and decide what you want to change in the bios.

6) For changing serial number type amidewin /SS "your serial number"  , enter your serial number as it is written on the back of your tablet, in inverted commas.

7) Similarly to change model name / number you can type amidewin /SP  "model number here" ,  or use   amidewin /SV,  you can type anything will be stored whatever you type.

type amidewin /? to see all the options you can use to change information.

8) Close all the windows, shutdown the tablet and on restart enter bios to see the changes.

I have verified that android displays this changed serial number and even your managed microsoft account website reflects this changed number after a day or two, provided you login to windows with your microsoft account (Note by Chris: My serial number hasn't changed on MS website).

Part II: OEM customisations of windows.
To change the oem information as displayed in the system properties do as follows.

1) Open the registry editor by right clicking start - then click Run and type regedit

2) Navigate to

Under this key, scroll down and  look for a key named  OEMInformation. If it doesn't exist, then create it by right clicking and naming it as OEMInformation

3) Click and select OEMInformation key and in the right-side pane, right click and create following the String values and enter their values as shown below:
Logo= path of logo.bmp file on the tablet (e.g. c:\windows\oem\logo.bmp)
Manufacturer= Any name. for e.g. for chuwi tablets you can type Chuwi inc. and so on
SupportURL= For chuwi tablets you can enter
Model= Name of model (e.g. ChuWi Hi8 Pro)
SupportHours= Any time when you are open
SupportPhone= Any phone number

NOTE: logo.bmp file should be very small in size and it should be named *.bmp. it can be any picture file but small in size and 16 colour bit depth other wise it will not display. chuwi logo.bmp file is in recovery/oem folder of the original chuwi installed windows i think. for exact file size please google.

4) Close the regedit and open the system properties page and see your changes there. the new logo will be displayed on the right side.


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Hackerjac| Post time 10-1-2016 08:46:04 | Show all posts
Nice one
I do NOT work for Chuwi. Please DO NOT pm or email me with problems you may have!

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Chris01cz| Post time 10-1-2016 09:41:59 | Show all posts
I cannot find this tool anywhere, thank you alot!
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