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backup clone all (Android Android Windows)

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chips|Post time:3-28-2018 06:32:25 View:2918|Reply:6

Hi, today I received me Hi book pro and I want make a backup full system with the initial state using clonezilla in bootable external usb.
But when I try to select in bootable menú only is avalaible Windows and Android without usb.
Remain some limitación to boot with external usb? I am using a usb disk with two partions , first one bootable with 15gb and other to datas with 300gb.

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Chris01cz| Post time 10-6-2016 10:18:14 | Show all posts
Your stick have to be able to boot in efi mode.
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chips| Post time 10-6-2016 13:59:54 | Show all posts
Edited by chips at 10-6-2016 15:11

I think that is locked . Iam trying both modes uefi and normal bios with same result . No go it.
Iam trying to with micro USB.
Now go to try with pendrive ...

Now work fine!!
it's already done!!
Thanks you
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qboy| Post time 10-7-2016 11:26:44 | Show all posts
Edited by qboy at 10-7-2016 12:18

I tried Clonzilla, Acronis and Win10 backup.  I was able to create the backup image with these software (saved to an usb harddrive) but when I tried to restore using the backup images, none of them allowed me to select the backup image.  The software just failed to find the partition on my Hibook.

Tip 1:  Download a program to read the Win10 license key (and write it down).  It may be useful in the future.
Tip 2:  Order an external EEPROM kit (usb EEPROM programmer+1.8v adapter+clip) upfront.  Open your tablet and back-up the BIOS.  It will be useful if your tablet bricks in the future.  The kit costs about $10 USD altogether.  (Be careful not to damage your tablet in the process.  Warranty also void by doing so.  Do it at your own risk.)  My Hibook bricked after 1 month of light use.  I am still waiting for the programming kit to arrive.
Tip 3:  Saved your windows registry to an external storage device regularly.  It may be useful in the future.

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chips| Post time 10-8-2016 09:27:20 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
ok, thanks qboy. I Will investigaré about It and go  It!!
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qboy| Post time 10-18-2016 18:06:06 | Show all posts
Edited by qboy at 10-18-2016 18:10

Hi Chips,

I gave you some wrong information in my last reply.  I got my bricked Hibook revived recently, and I re-tried Clonzilla last night.  I was able to recover the Windows partition successfully.

I haven't tried recover the other partitions though.  (There are like 14 to 16 partitions in total!)
Still no luck with Acronis and Windows10 system recovery.

However, I tried the Official Windows re-install tutorial in this forum and it works fine:

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vikito| Post time 3-28-2018 06:32:25 | Show all posts
Edited by vikito at 4-12-2018 04:11

Hi Chuwists,

I made bootable Acronis image in EFI mode for boot Acronis from USB flash drive. First you make bootable Acronis USB flash drive with this image. You need Acronis or other clone program that recognize Acronis image.

If you want make Acronis full backup of Chuwis disk you need USB hub, external keyboard (I use external wifi from Logitech K400) and empty or least 9 GB USB flash drive to where you save file clone of the Chuwi disk. In USB HUB you must insert Acronis bootable fash drive made from this image, empty or. least 9GB flash drive for where you save Acronis backup file and wireless receiver for wireless keyboard.

When you swith on Chuwi tablet you must press F7 for several times on the keyboard then you choose frome the boot menu USB flash key where you install Acronis boot EFI files whait to load in Acronis, then you make full clone of the disk of your tablet. All procedure take only 15 min if you have clean new tablet.

Link to Acronis bootable image for Acronis USB bootable flash key in EFI format:

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