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My Tweaked Chuwi [Hi12]. Working perfect and loving it [Tutorial]

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Tonko|Post time:2-24-2018 14:25:19 View:23941|Reply:35

chewy| Post time 4-22-2017 20:03:05 | Show all posts
Are your tips applicable only to the Windows OS? Or also to the Android OS?
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danytyler| Post time 4-28-2017 07:38:03 | Show all posts
"Android sucks as a desktop system in my opinion".
In my opinion, Android is not a desktop system, neither expected nor intended. Android was made for portable uses, like tablet.
We are glad that we have windows in tablet too, but Android squeezes the battery very well, runs few processes to read, navigate, watching videos, youtube...
Tablet without android sucks. I'll wait to see the progress for android on hi13, but for now it´s a deal breaker.
Hi12 is the right choice so far.
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kwisi| Post time 5-8-2017 09:06:57 | Show all posts
The best tweak is to install Cyanogenmod 12.1
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kindman| Post time 5-30-2017 14:07:26 | Show all posts
hey there,
first of all a short "hello" as this is my firt post here - because i am a fairly new chuwi user (hi12 to be precise). then a word of thanks for all the great help you guys are giving.

i followed all the steps in this post and everything went rather smoothly (only difference: i used the newest windows 10 rom from motobot - thanks again).

now i wish i could say everything is running perfect, but sadly thats not the case. in general the system works rather slow, but especially firefox is a nightmare. it might take up to 1 minute to get started and seems to crash temporarily in the processes ("is not responding" etc.).
i didn't install much, avira antivir is on, some other stuff later on, but it was slow from the start.

the other problem is the HiPen: when i try to paint with it in a painting programm (i use artRage e.g.) the pressure sensitivity is completely random and spotty hand has nothing to do with pressure i actually apply.

i guess the second problem would be better dealt with in another pen related forum topic, but i just thought i bring it up anyway, because it is also a problem i had from the getgo, so best case scenario, these two tings are connected (unlikely i know).

it would be awesome if somebody could help because i really want to love my chuwi, but as it stands its not so easy ;-)
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tl1000rzx2| Post time 6-28-2017 21:58:52 | Show all posts
Based on the date of this post I am guessing you have the Z8300 CPU? Because I have the Z8350 version and I'll be darned if I can tweak anything in the bios. When you say, in your original post, a long time to come back up...exactly how long are we talking, because I have given mine 5-7 minutes and never gotten anywhere.Each time I have had to plug it in to the charger and then do a reset to defaults. I absolutely do not understand why DDR3 memory was clocked at 1066 MHz from the factory in the first place....unless the mfg knew it wasn't high quality to start with.
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tl1000rzx2| Post time 8-14-2017 22:07:29 | Show all posts
Edited by tl1000rzx2 at 8-14-2017 22:09

I use a K480 BT keyboard...with all 3 of my PC's.....saves big bucks.
Now of course if I could get Chuwi to tell me why I can't tweak my bios nor update on the  Hi12 (with the Z8350 CPU), that would be great! I can't do any changes to my bios.  None! And the bios upgrade is useless to  me since I can  change the boot order....I like Chuwi products...but their support is 3rd world at best. Amatuer, lack of instructions and overall sub-standard.
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kwisi| Post time 2-24-2018 14:25:19 | Show all posts
I enabled in BIOS:
-  s5 charging driver
-  s5 lpm-Settings

I feel my tablet is now charging much faster and reacts faster in HD-Videos.

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