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Type-C port Issue - Need help!

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qboy|Post time:1-9-2017 09:16:16 View:1068|Reply:2

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I need help from the forum.  Could someone please post a close-up picture of the circuit board, zooming in to the area near the Type-C port?

I have opened the tablet case for EEPROM BIOS programming to revive my bricked Hibook.  Now it is revived but when I plugged in a Type-C->USB3.0 hub, it can only recognize USB2.0 device but failed to recognize any USB3.0 device.

So I took a look at the circuit board near that Type-C port.  I think I might have knocked out 1 or 2 surface-mount components in that area, when I opened the case.
Please refer to the picture below.  For the 2 red circles, I don't see any surface-mount components at the solder contacts there.  Please provide a close-up picture in that area.


Circuit board near the Type-C port.jpg

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qboy| Post time 12-12-2016 14:51:38 | Show all posts
I still don't know what's wrong with the Type-C port of my Hibook.  My Type-C->USB3.0 hub just won't recognize any USB3.0 devices.  I tested the hub on my brother's Hi10plus and it works fine without issue.  It also issues an error message of "Unknown  USB Device (Port Reset failed)" under device manager when I plug in a USB2 device (but the USB2 device works OK).
Does any one of you in the forum know which chip(s) on the motherboard control the Type-C port?  I want to see if I knock off any component there by accident.
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leon_funnell| Post time 1-9-2017 09:16:16 | Show all posts
Its normal.  All of them don't work with USB-3.0/3.1 devices.  Chuwi don't respond to any complaints or queries on the issue - they have your money after all!
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