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szucsi| Post time 10-16-2017 08:23:26 | Show all posts
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olegbilas replied at 10-11-2017 11:03
"Everyone has any problem, you can send the email to , we will reply you as soon as possible." This  ...
Hi, I certify that the Hungarian service has been waiting for parts for months, but there is only a promise, nothing else. Customers will not get the parts, only if they are paid, is this Warranty? However, moderators are right, they can not say that "after-sales" is behaving this way. I am also very disappointed, I do not really know who to blame. But one thing is certain that this Chuwi forum will help us a lot, all of us.
So if someone complains to you, do not take it amiss. This is not a complaint to the administrators of the Chuwi forum, but that is an aid cry. When there is not a man to whom to turn to ..
When I bought my first Chuwi tablet, the Chuwi forum was a great help.
Really. But when it broke down, you had to turn to after sales. Then, similar problems began. Unfortunately.

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fredgg| Post time 10-28-2017 09:37:22 | Show all posts
What about United States? Do you have a service station in U.S.?
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sysdil| Post time 11-6-2017 23:17:44 | Show all posts
hi,i try to post in this threadÑ
i receive my surbook las week with a big problem of flickering.
i try since this day toi solve  the issue, but i don¨t can.
is there anybody have a solution ti fix it.
thank you
he recibido el Surbook la semana pasada pero tengo un problema de flickering, la pantalla no para de parpadear.
He intentado solucionar el problema actualizando los drivers, pero no consigo que esto funcione.

Alguien sabe como se puede resolver
un saludo
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slavov82| Post time 11-8-2017 23:52:53 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
I bought a Chuwi Hi 10 Pro last year. After 8 months it died. I contacted Chuwi and they told me to send the tablet for repair to the Hungarian workshop. I sent it, from Bulgaria, immediately in the beginning of September. They received it, and confirmed that they have received it, few days later. Nothing since then. Attila from the Hungarian workshop claims he is waiting for replacement parts. It has been more that two months. No only Chuwi lied that they will repair it, but they also made me spend yet more money on the shipping cost. To me, this sound like a fraud. The stole my tablet and made me pay for it. Good job Chuwi, good job.
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SKaza| Post time 11-11-2017 12:51:55 | Show all posts
On October 29, 2017 I sent an email to the "German Repair Center" ("customerservice_de"<>) and they answered that:
"sorry, we do not repair chiwi more.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen
Tomrepair team"
Apart from misspelling "Chuwi" as "chiwi" the message is clear: The "German Repair Center" does not exist any more, and I don't know if it ever existed for sure!
After that I contacted the "Hungarian Repair Center" where the manager told me that:
"... the past half a year was catastrophic, neither component supply nor the attitude of Chuwi was acceptable.
Now that all their repairing bases have come to an end in Europe, they have promised to cooperate more seriously with me in the future. ..."
So maybe the "Hungarian Repair Center" is now the only one existing Chuwi service station in Europe. And the manager of this center has horrific complaints for the "attitude of Chuwi".
But he also complaints that Chuwi DOES NOT SEND HIM ANY PARTS to fix the Chuwi tablets that Chuwi customers from all over Europe send him. He says :
"... If you need to replace the motherboard, then in the event that we are dependent on the Chuwi to after sales. Unfortunately, this is worse because I do not usually get any parts...."
Moreover he told me that:
"... The terms of the warranty are on the Chuwi forum page. It says that the Chuwi pay the repair costs, but the cost of shipping back and forth, the customer will pay ...."
Why is that ?
Why are they obliged to pay even a cent more for a product they have paid in the first place AND IT SHOULD WORK FLAWLESSLY ?
We hear from the mouth of Chuwi's Official Partners that Chuwi Customer after sales service is a mere JOKE !
So are we subjected to FRAUD !
So that future customers will know what to expect and be protected against this cheat.
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Nikotelli45| Post time 12-21-2017 03:44:50 | Show all posts
Has anyone sent in a faulty device and got it back repaired?
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desertskymusic| Post time 1-22-2018 14:16:15 | Show all posts
i have a Chuwi H12 which a windows update rendered the windows boot invisible, although i believe the installation it is intact, its just the bios or boot is somehow damaged, i am not a pro hacker, so i need instructions on which download will fix this, and details on how to perform the task, hopefully from a USB drive and not opening the thing up, the Android partition is still bootable for what its worth, need the Windows os and hoping not a reinstall unless its a last resort. also i purchased 2 keyboards as the first wouldn't connect to the tablet, found out as the 2nd keyboard failed to connect it was an issue with the tablet
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manonegra222| Post time 1-22-2018 15:10:32 | Show all posts
desertskymusic replied at 1-22-2018 23:16
i have a Chuwi H12 which a windows update rendered the windows boot invisible, although i believe th ...

If the problem is the Windows start, I advise you to download Windows 10 from the microsoft page and place it on a pendrive. Once you have it you must start with the pendrive by pressing F7 intermittently, immediately after pressing the start button. There will be a boot menu and in the selection of USB as the boot medium. In the Windows menu that will follow you choose "repair Windows" and the boot system will be repaired automatically.
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desertskymusic| Post time 1-25-2018 17:36:02 | Show all posts
Edited by desertskymusic at 1-25-2018 17:44
manonegra222 replied at 1-22-2018 15:10
If the problem is the Windows start, I advise you to download Windows 10 from the microsoft page a ...

THANKS, can this operation be achieved with the Chuwi windows ten instalL at this URL? as i have already downloaded it, if not does it require a purchase to download from microsoft? ... PivDQ7kq0hhIoa?dl=0    this was posted by Emily Li of Chuwi
also will restoring a windows boot wreck the android boot?
also how do i press F7 as my tablet cannot connect to a Chuwi keyboard, can i use a usb keyboard?
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NFainges| Post time 2-11-2018 02:06:42 | Show all posts
Have sent numerous emails, tickets etc .. and after 2 months no reply .. so why tell people to contact CHUWI when you know you do not support the customer and provide suitable service .. losing customers everyday and this ppor aftermarket support will mean many more will not buy

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