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Dual OS Version: Win10 Standby Battery lasts days - On Android 2% gone per hour!

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DonkeyDong|Post time:2-20-2018 00:30:05 View:1570|Reply:5

Topic says all.. when I not use the Tablet in Windows 10, it stays at 100% Battery for a real Long time. Could also check mails or Facebook every half and hour and the tablet battery would run for DAYS!
Working (Screen on) time is about 3.5 to 5 hours with wifi and 25% Screen brightness.

On Android, the working time is similar, i can USE the tablet, when it is unplugged, for over 3 hours which is absolutely ok.
Problem is: when I NOT use the tablet and it IS in sleep-mode (tested that with a cpu info app), the battery looses about 2 percent per hour, even when i say wifi should be disabled when in standby!

That is more than a mobile phone Needs with push notifications, wifi, 3G/4G running and a smaller battery Needs!

Anyone also has that Problem with such a different behaviour in Windows and Android or does anybody know the solution?
The Android System Shows me Under battery Infos that "Android System" uses the most power, more hat Display on light usage, Little less that Display when i use it a lot..

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paulvern| Post time 1-12-2017 03:48:30 | Show all posts
It seems to me that the chipset governor is always at maximum on the Android part or at least it doesn't slow down too much when the tablet should be sleeping. You can modify the governor in a rooted system, but you have to root it first. After rooting mine I noticed a much better performance, but Windows is still better as the tablet hibernates after a while.
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DonkeyDong| Post time 1-12-2017 11:43:15 | Show all posts
Edited by DonkeyDong at 1-12-2017 11:46

well i saw in a cpu info app that the System goes into deep sleep, but you could be right, maybe not the whole System slows down enough.
what you changed, is that easily to do or is it something you could maybe even modify in a flashable Android Version?

how much better is battery life in android, you maybe have some numbers, how many hours in standby or something?

well i am happy with my tablet so far but it seems i really have to wait until there is an update (is that possible) or an official Android OS for the "new vi8 plus" Version..
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ian| Post time 1-15-2017 06:37:44 | Show all posts
Try greenify.
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AntonioHamburg| Post time 2-19-2018 21:28:07 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Sama problem
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Use magic Report| Post time 2-20-2018 00:30:05 | Show all posts
I think that is normal behavior of the computer in Android, This operating system consumes more battery than Windows 10.
With Root in the team and blocking processes, it is possible to give a better performance in Android.
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