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Techdragonz|Post time:1-16-2018 05:06:13 View:14059|Reply:91

RustyBit| Post time 10-6-2017 22:03:31 | Show all posts
Hi, I saw in your signature "Contact me if you need any help". I am in Australia and unfortunately have a Hi13 that is now inoperable due to the KEYU power adapter, the USB C plug came apart and no longer charges. I have sent emails through CHUWI service etc. with no response. I purchased the Hi13 from Ebay and the reseller is offering no support either.
I can no longer power it on due to the battery being flat, I noticed while I did have some battery power that the WIFI no longer worked, there was a spark/short when the USB C plug came out, I guess shorting the WIFI chip. My question is, would it be worth my while to try and get an alternative power pack, or am I just throwing money away, possibly will not charge due to damage already plus the WIFI most likely is dead. I don't think CHUWI is going to support me with warranty even if I had somewhere to send it.
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MemberChuwi| Post time 10-7-2017 03:57:09 | Show all posts
Sounds scary... probably try another charger like suggested here, an Aukey model. Verify that it supports PD usb c 12V/2A charging.

To be honest, I doubt it is worth trying repair. If we could get new mainboards... but others here have tried... no luck =(8

Do I understand right, the usb c plug on the charger felt apart? Everything worked fine before, including usb c otg data transfer?

Just for curiosity,, when did you buy and how long did you use you Hi13 device?

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MemberChuwi| Post time 10-7-2017 04:36:31 | Show all posts
In general, referring to the usb c connectors chuwi provides, I've taken the effort to examine my Hi13 connectors and plugs with a jewellers magnifier with led light.

To my eyes my impressions are:

The connector in the tablet looks mediocre but ok.

The supplied extra cable's c connector looks good. Contact plates are separated by little bars and well aligned

The charger's plugs contacts looked alarming. First signs of slight displacemet of contacts, despite beeng used just a couple of times very carefully. Couldn't see any spacer bars, maybe hard to see in a black hole with black plastic... to be honest I want to get rid of this plug asap. I guess this has killed some ports for sure.

Anyways, I will check the alternative Charger and charging cables carefully before use as well... who knows what other crap is sold on Amazon...

I'm still in doubt how serious the lack of proper PD charging support with the original charger is referring to the Hi13 itself. I also guess like some others there must be a hack in the tablet, otherwise the usb chip would be destroyed asap. However, I also believe other usb c gear powered with chuwi's brick may be killed instantly.

It's a shame Chuwi does spoil an otherwise good product just by saving ct's on doubtful plugs and mediocre connectors.

BTW, the magnified micro hdmi connector looked scary too. I will check mine as soon as I get an adapter - but I expect contact problems. There seems to be partial plastic covering contacts and I doubt this is intentional, looks more like unprecise moulding...
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MemberChuwi| Post time 10-14-2017 05:03:49 | Show all posts
Edited by MemberChuwi at 10-14-2017 05:07

I've checked the Aukey 27W charger with a RavPower charging cable. Does not charge!

I think it's a cable issue, the metal plug is too short and penetrates not deep enough.

Today I went to several shops and checked the plug lengths of 4 different USB-C to USB-C cables. All plugs had been shorter compared to what Chuwi delivers. This is a real problem if no standard cable makes proper contact with Chuwi's USB-C connector. Besides the ambiguous contact situation the plugs also wiggle and come off easily.

Looks like it's a matter of luck wether standard USB-C accessories connect proper.

It's on top very difficukt to find any approved USB-C cable with official logo. There is all kind of crap around - and massively overpriced imho.

It's very unlikely that my port is damaged because another USB-C otg adapter cable works fine. The plug is a bit longer, still some tenths of a millimeter less than the original. Most other plugs lack someting of approximately 1mm in length comparison.

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MemberChuwi| Post time 10-18-2017 01:39:35 | Show all posts
Edited by MemberChuwi at 10-18-2017 01:43

As Aukey PA-Y7 isn't available right now and Aukey PA-Y8 didn't work for me with other, higher speced USB-C cables too my very last try is Aukey PA-Y10.

Probably Y8 does not work because it is a tad weaker than Y7...? Theoretically even 24W should be sufficient, but I don't try to be logically any more with Hi13 PD things... Y10 delivers up to 3A@12V, even @15V, so there is more than enough headroom even when PD communication might demand more than needed. Otherwise there must be really something wrong with Hi13 PD request.

I also give the recommend RavPower battery a try - even it is on paper not speced to work with Hi13, 12V support is not listed...! Not sure how the battery can work for others if the spec is true. RavPower didn't comment on clearly either so unfortunately only way finding out is to try - a method I hate because if it works I don't know why...

Things are a bit out of control for me, spending approx 200€ to order test gear to find out which PD stuff might really charge Hi13... and to be honest, I'd be really surprised if the stronger Aukey or the battery will do. I believe my Hi13 will not take any PD charging, for whatever reason. Still keyu charges fine, no heat, no explosion and otg works well too...

I've also found some charger/battery driver updates on Oct, 1. Same date as camera drivers have been 'updated' and are unusable now. I can't understand why I can not rollback to previous drivers. What's next MS?  An intel tool reported 'better' wifi, bluetooth,... drivers. Didn't accept that, never change working stuff.

Instead of using Hi13 I'm just wasting time for about 3 weeks now, trying to fix real and potential issues... but I need a device I can trust in. I plan some rare uses I need 100% reliability. Any issue might be a disaster and if I need paper backups in case... well then the hi13 is pretty obsolete to me, great display or not, sorry.

Still wished Hi13 had a a simple oldstyle charging connector, full size USB ports and not this early aopter USB-C stuff...
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rhys| Post time 10-27-2017 02:12:42 | Show all posts
I bent the USB-C connector attached to the original charger, so I'm looking for a replacement charger. I'm getting very confused reading all these threads about chargers and finding it hard to work out which ones work. Is there one for sale (preferably in the UK) that will charge my Hi 13?

I have tried the following.

These 2 from Maplin had no effect when connected:
Maplin 45W
Maplin 60W

Using the supplied USB-A to USB-C connector with my USB-C compliant motherboard in an USB-A 3.1 socket did indicate that the device was charging in Windows and the red LED lit up. I left it like this overnight, but then it was totally dead in the morning. I presume it has a flat battery.

It's taken days to be able to post this on the forum. Here's an update:
As an interim measure, I bought an USB A-C cable. I cut the A connector off and soldered the C end of cable to the provided Keyu charger (Gnd -> Gnd, VBus -> VBus). After trimming back the plastic on the C connector, this is charging the tablet and is working as well as it ever did AFAICT. TBH, I've not really had any issues with the Keyu charger apart from bending the connector though.
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Techdragonz| Post time 10-27-2017 06:21:26 | Show all posts
Like was said before, it is only with certain batches, but I cant tell which ones so, safest was to buy a proper one...
I am using this: ... eywords=Aukey+usb+c

And it works for me...and plently of others...

Dont forger to subscribe to my channel to have more chance in the giveaway: ... p;tid=5051#pid31431

I'm not weird. I'm limited edition | I'm glad to be of your service | Subscribe to my Youtube channel @CLICK
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Techdragonz| Post time 10-28-2017 08:38:28 | Show all posts

This one supposed to work as well and is way cheaper.  Current price is 9.61 Euro!

Check out this post for entering a giveaway:
I'm not weird. I'm limited edition | I'm glad to be of your service | Subscribe to my Youtube channel @CLICK
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robsm1th| Post time 1-15-2018 09:32:19 | Show all posts
Edited by robsm1th at 1-18-2018 11:24

Could the opening post be updated with correct charger and cable to buy?  

Also what hub have people used (promised update doesn't appear to have arrived)?

I've read in the forum that a Xiaomi charger has been confirmed as working so ordered that but manufacturer/distributor on gearbest q&a now claiming it doesn't (it hasnt arrived yet but I'm fearing the worst for obvious reasons).  

On page 9 one person saying an Aukey charger works immediately after someone saying it doesn't (suggesting it maybe a cable issue).

I feel the forum is a bit hit and miss but tidying up the original post with currently checked working products would clear up the confusion simply.

UPDATE:  I can confirm Techdragonz suggested Aukey charger, a few posts above this, works fine.  Its also worth noting Chuwi no longer supply the Keyu charger.
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Christof| Post time 1-16-2018 05:06:13 | Show all posts
had same problem here: I use ... 0?ie=UTF8&psc=1
and ... 0?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I do trust the orginal power adapter.
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