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How to solve "the tablet can not charge electricity" problem

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emily|Post time:1-31-2019 03:03:59 View:11279|Reply:21

skaboy| Post time 9-8-2018 07:26:28 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
jrod22 replied at 6-18-2017 09:47
That is not correct operation. It should charge while running, or it is useless. And given that mine ...

I agree with this, the battery should charge while the phablet is in use. Otherwise it will discharge too frequently.
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bodtx| Post time 9-28-2018 04:19:40 | Show all posts
Edited by bodtx at 9-28-2018 05:02

Hi, I've also had the same problem (no charge, no boot), battery is difficult to charge at 100% and cut off around 30%
I've opened the case
then battery voltage was 2.7V but impossible to charge with normal USB.
Then I cut battery wire protecion then plug another battery in // not for long (this is not good for batteries) then the tablet start again.
I disconnect the added battery  and pluged ther charger, then it start charging.

My question is : is there a bios update that handle better the charging batteries phase?

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misterr8472| Post time 10-23-2018 03:24:06 | Show all posts
I have the same issue. Aren't there any bios options or anything we can try?
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viniciuspt| Post time 1-31-2019 03:03:59 | Show all posts
My HI12 is leaking the baterry charge (an incovenient problem of it). When the battery was drained, the tablet locks and it is not possible to charge it.
What I discovered is:

The charge circuit stay crazy, with no stabilized voltage.
What I do to solve it (everytime I is away from the tablet and its battery drains): open the tablet (take care about the warranty), identify the wires that goes to the battery, connect the charger and short-circuit the wires for 1 or 2 seconds. Mesure with a voltmeter if the voltage is stabilized (not varies so much). Repeat if tension keeps changing...

That´s what I made everytime to solve the problem.
Close your treads when they are solved (help to help people)
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