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Device won't go to sleep, hibernate or shutdown

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guywalder|Post time:10-27-2018 05:45:38 View:4854|Reply:19

Motobot| Post time 7-1-2017 04:02:13 | Show all posts
I want to add my 5 cents to this discussion.
I believe that the sleep mode on the Hi12 tablet does not work as a sleep mode itself. Of course, by pressing the Power button or closing the lid, we can see that the screen goes blank. But this is not a sleep mode. This is turning off the screen and locking the login and nothing else.
It's easy to see that the tablet goes into hibernation instead of deep sleep. This does not happen after the default 4 minutes of inactivity, but after half an hour of inactivity. We have no any deep sleep after 4 minutes of inactivity.
Any activity in the time interval of up to 30 minutes leads to turning on the screen. After half an hour of inactivity, you can to turn the tablet on and to boot Windows from hibernation mode only, but do not wake it up from sleep mode. Thus, the tablet goes into hibernation instead of deep sleep always. And this happens despite the fact that according to the settings it should not go into hibernation ever.
Please agree that this is not the same thing to wake it up from deep sleep or to boot it from hibernation mode.
My settings are the same as that of the respected technisol. Win10 1703 15063.413
By the way, I had some painful problems with deep sleep as I wrote earlier. Sometimes this sleep passed into lethargy. The tablet either did not turn on normally or it was spontaneously rebooted itself. Because of this, I had to abandon the use of sleep mode completely. Instead, I've been shutting down Windows whenever I did not use the tablet. I was sure that this problem can not be solved. But I was wrong.
On the advice of the respected DigitalMD I was tempted to check this theory that any connected device may prevent a tablet from sleeping properly.
I use a wireless keyboard and mouse kit. Its USB dongle is permanently connected.
A couple of days ago, I decided to activate sleep mode in the power settings and began to check my tablet with the turned out USB dongle.
So the problem of incorrect shutdowns and spontaneous reboots is completely solved. In my case, the cause of the issue was the impact of my wireless keyboard.
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david7saad| Post time 7-2-2017 14:45:48 | Show all posts
Edited by david7saad at 7-2-2017 14:52

I have the same issue, my tablet won't go to sleep after upgrading to windows 10 creator update, it's always on. I have Chuwi Hi10 Plus
How to solve it please?
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Motobot| Post time 7-2-2017 15:22:52 | Show all posts
david7saad replied at 7-3-2017 01:45
I have the same issue, my tablet won't go to sleep after upgrading to windows 10 creator update, it' ...

If you are sure that the problem is related to the Windows update, then you can install Windows by clean install. There is no Install file for Hi10 Plus. But you can reflash Windows 10 creaator update 1703 15063 with the install file for Hi12. Click
Do not worry about that it's for a different Chuwi model. After Windows flashing you will need to install some drivers. You can save your current drivers first.
1. Create a folder named Drivers in the root directory of drive C
2. Run PowerShell with Administrator rights (as Admin) and perform the following command
  1. Export-WindowsDriver –Online -Destination C:\Drivers
Copy the Code

3. Move the Drivers folder to an external media for future use.
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technisol| Post time 7-3-2017 13:01:13 | Show all posts
Edited by technisol at 7-3-2017 13:15

I must agree with Moto, mine goes into "sleep" mode at best...  By that I mean the screen blanks and the unit powers back up at a button press, I cannot verify that it really goes into any particular S1-S4 sleep mode, etc.

Anyone know of a way of checking?  I haven't really noodled around with sleep levels since I built a tower PC based HDTV recording machine back in 2007-2008 and got it rigged to go to sleep and power up as needed for automatic scheduled recordings.

With the Hi12, as I recall and it has been some time, battery seems to discharge in "sleep" mode at some 2% an hour or thereabouts.  Not what I would really call a proper low energy sleep mode compared to modern tablets, but I'm also not positive how many ma./hr it should take to keep 4GB RAM refreshed and how minimal the processor load could be or if the X5-Z8300 low power mode really fully works as intended...  
OTOH, if the battery is 10,000ma/hr nominally and you can get some 50 hours of "sleep" at 200ma/hr, that doesn't seem too completely out of line for powering 4GB of RAM refreshing and keeping the processoor at least minimally active.  Most devices doing any better, I suspect, "sleep" for a while and then really hibernate to conserve more power... or may have capability to kill power to RAM on a module or slot by slot basis to abandon powering unused RAM or maintain just one bank and save other bank contents to a hiibernation file and then reload the other RAM upon leaving "sleep" and no one notices if it's organized and done well as operating system RAM contents are maintained so the illusion gives the system time enough to read the hiberfile.  Guessing.)

I should have put quotes around "sleep" in my original post.
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david7saad| Post time 7-4-2017 18:07:04 | Show all posts
Motobot replied at 7-2-2017 15:22
If you are sure that the problem is related to the Windows update, then you can install Windows by ...


Thank's so much....But... I'll tell my experience.after reinstal windows 10 h12 from your suggestion.
First i apologize if my english is bad. I've found the illness, it turns out the touch-screen driver is the problem : KMDF HID Minidriver for Touch 12C Device
When i instal this touchscreen driver in device manager, the tablet won't go to sleep again. Then when i uninstal it, it goes to sleep normally. I reinstal it, then relapse again, won't to sleep.. So i'm sure this is the issue. But actually a month ago my touchscreaen is broken because it crashed  on the floor so the touchscreen cannot be used, i'm using it with docking keyboard for the time being and i bought the touchscreen on Aliexpress, i'm still waiting my order, maybe next week will come. Is this the main problem that keeps my tablet on?
There is no harm to try...  uninstal or disable touchscreen driver in device manager, Maybe tha's the problem

So for now I don't use touchscreen and uninstall this driver while waiting my new touchscreen. Now it goes to sleep normaly

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technisol| Post time 7-4-2017 19:19:58 | Show all posts
Glad you sorted your problem with Moto's assistance, but not mentioning ANYTHING that sets your device apart from others or stock devices, like a broken touchscreen, is sort of "burying the lead" and makes it at least incrementally, and often much harder to help solve a problem.  It seems like half the time around here people leave out one or more pivotal pieces of information, to the point where I wonder if they tell their Doctor where it hurts when, or if, they go...  

It's not a contest about who can write the least, leave out the most and still get helped!  Or maybe it is?  But, at least you came back in and posted the resolution!
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david7saad| Post time 7-13-2017 19:41:40 | Show all posts
Edited by david7saad at 7-13-2017 19:43

I'm back..

Update : The new touch screen has come and directly installed it, also installed touchscreen driver in device manager. And the result is still good and normal, it's running well now unlike before when the touch screen was broken .. I actually don't really remember when the touch screen damage, whether before or after updgrading windows creator via windows updates. But at least after I did flash new os and instal the new screen, my tablet is normal again, sleep mode hibernate shutdown are oke... So I think the solution is clean install the latest windows 10 (creator update) as suggested by motobot. That's it.
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Motobot| Post time 10-18-2017 15:54:34 | Show all posts
Edited by Motobot at 10-19-2017 03:09

Hi guys,
I've got some good news for you.
As you may know, if a browser is running, a video is playing or an application using 3D graphics is running, your tablet can't go to sleep in Windows and this ends with a system failure. This issue is common to Hi12 tablets on z8350 only.
The customer with nickname LaVence posted on the Russian forum yesterday some solution of the Sleep Mode issue.
So this is the solution itself.
1. Press the Win + X keyboard shortcut and select Device Manager;
2. Find the HID Button over Interrupt Driver and open its Properties by double-click;
3. Go to the Power Management tab and uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power";
4. Click OK and close the Device Manager window.
Settings of the HID Button over Interrupt Driver_1.png

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andres| Post time 11-27-2017 13:50:31 | Show all posts
doesn't work
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nadhim| Post time 10-27-2018 05:45:38 | Show all posts
Edited by nadhim at 10-28-2018 11:11

I have same problem! After upgrade the 2017 Fall Update, too many strage problems come up! Initially, my two external monitors won’t wake up from sleep. Later on, the computer won’t shut down. It takes a while and all the indicator lights are off...but after a few seconds it boots up itself. It feels like it’s doing a restart rather than shut down. I’m using iMac 2017 latest model with all latest bootcamp software and drivers updates and there was no such problems before imstalling the Fall Update. Lucky Patcher 9Apps VidMate
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