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[Vi10 Plus] Touch freezes every few seconds

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CodeSculptor|Post time:8-6-2017 02:37:01 View:1014|Reply:3

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For the beginning explanation: I don't think this is the legendary freezing issue (reason is that I saw no precise description of this infamous thing and all freeze issue fixes didn't work for me). I have a video showing the issue:
Regardless of what you see below, I'm still left with no resolution for this problem. I didn't receive response from Official Chuwi Support after quite a bit of time already, so I don't know if I'm not left alone with the problem. Please help with any ideas you have.

EDIT: Today I have seen that it seems to be hardware issue. ~10% of screen on top doesn't react to touch at all, ~10% of screen on bottom reacts to touch, but event goes to same point horizontally, but vertically above that ~10% (while swiping bottom 10% I will draw perfect line above that 10%). Together with touch freezing periodically like on video, do you have any idea what kind of issue is that?

Leaving remainder of post intact, but it may not be relevant anymore.


Note that:
  • Issue happens regardless of what I do. It just freezes and unfreezes over and over (it means that first ever touch after launching tablet may already be ignored while freeze is in progress).
  • It happens all the time. Restarting doesn't help. Even flashing a fresh firmware, either official using flash tool or custom using TWRP.
  • I can freely use tablet if I connect mouse and/or keyboard over USB OTG. Even during touch freeze, I can freely click/swipe with mouse).

I have performed probably all possible fixes:

There's one behavior that gives me hope it is not hardware issue.
Expected if it's hardware issue: If I hold an icon on home screen, then it will be held until freeze will go off.
Not expected if it's hardware issue: When freeze happens on swipe, even if freeze stops the swipe, it doesn't lose momentum and on unfreeze swipe is finished with a lot of momentum. I'm not sure if momentum is right word for that vector, it's almost 10 years since I have done some presentations on Android architecture. But programmer's mode debug options for touch show me that it still works this way
Going back to topic, my understanding of this unexpected behavior is that - if you would consider 3 layers: hardware, driver, system, I think that first one would provide only raw touch data and only driver or system layer would convert it to x,y and momentum vector as it is used in Android applications.

Do you know what diagnosis or fix can I do? I have been looking through ADB logcat output, but didn't see anything suspicious yet (although I didn't check all yet - 10 seconds of log == 7000 log entries).

Throw even most advanced ideas on me. I had few Android devices already, flashed, rooted, bricked, diagnosed, unbricked and done a lot of sick things to save Java production servers at work. Despite that, I don't want to get tan in front of ADB logs this summer, so please please help



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manonegra222| Post time 7-16-2017 13:52:56 | Show all posts
Take the Spanish forum, try this please:

Finally after arduous searches and tests I think I have found the solution to the problem of locks or freezing.

The problem is in the BIOS settings. Specifically the thermal configuration.
The specifications for the z8300 processor are 90 ° C maximum working temperature. From there failures occur.
The BIOS comes at 100 ° C maximum temperature.
I have placed the critical trip point at 90º and the passive trip point at 79º.
In addition the "Thermal Trhotting mecanism" was deactivated. I have activated it to "TM2 adaptative" mode to act when the temperature rises.

Good, 24 hours without any moment locks.
I'll let you know if I hold it or not.

link the thread:
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CodeSculptor| Post time 7-17-2017 11:46:20 | Show all posts
Thanks for your response. Unfortunately it didn't help and while testing result of BIOS changes I have noticed that touch doesn't work correctly on top and bottom of screen (see update of main post on top). Looks like it's hardware issue, but I have no idea what kind, considering those freezes.
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CodeSculptor| Post time 8-6-2017 02:37:01 | Show all posts
manonegra222 replied at 7-16-2017 13:52
Take the Spanish forum, try this please:

Finally after arduous searches and tests I think I have fo ...

Given my update to the topic, do you think that buying digitizer alone will solve the problem or it may be the mainboard?
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