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New Hardware Revision... Drivers?

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joggie|Post time:9-13-2018 01:20:08 View:6845|Reply:34

igi01| Post time 10-15-2017 01:13:39 | Show all posts
This doesnt work for me neither. the only driver which works is from the surbook but the touchscreen is inversed. I hope we get the driver soon.
thanks in advance
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joggie| Post time 11-13-2017 08:08:35 | Show all posts
Since I started this Topic, I will end it with the solution... sad that CHUWI can't do it themselves...

Here:!6FtWhQ5T!ZlWDt ... EAgQfK1CVsJycp3aF4I
is a Driver Package for the newer Revision, it contains all drives you will need...

Download the Package and Extract it with 7-Zip

is the Code of a PowerShell Script to install the drivers. (You can install the Drivers manually somehow, but the script installs them all)

Copy and Paste the Script to a file called "install.ps1"

Create a Folder Structure like this:

Driver Installer (Folder)
-- install.ps1 (File)
-- drivers (Folder)
---- apollolakesystem.inf_amd64_abe979a5847f3e5e (Folder from the driver package)
---- boschaccelerometer.inf_amd64_9e0e2610aaed4f7a (Folder from the driver package)
---- ... (The other Folders from the driver package)

Then run install.ps1 with PowerShell as Administrator (just google how to do it "open PowerShell script as administrator" or something)

Thanks goes to WanFal8283 for the Driver Package
Do everything at your own risk.

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impaire| Post time 11-15-2017 15:35:18 | Show all posts

I had the same issue with a new rev2 Hi13, which are based on Bosch G-sensor (ACPI\BOSC0200) and more recent Goodix touch screen HW (ACPI\GDIX1002). It was working as delivered. But as soon Win10 updated to 1709 (the latest), I lost many drivers.

I recovered most drivers using what are "official Chuwi" drivers of early april 2017. For G-sensor and Goodix, I had to use what joggie/WanFal8283 posted.

Did Chuwi since post some updated? I didn't find some for the time being.

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gumi| Post time 11-28-2017 03:49:59 | Show all posts
Edited by gumi at 11-28-2017 06:05

My experience:
First thing after the purchase that tablet should be create a backup (zero software support from Chuwi)
1 At least backup windows' drivers:execute  Export-WindowsDriver -Online -Destination (backupdriveletter):\DriverBackup in powershell on elevated privilages.
2 Backup whole drive: Clonezilla works fine, it requires only one settings in bios (os system select: windows -> linux) on new hardware. It seems that's a kind of workaround to allow linux' grub to boot. That Bios doesnt need to be updated and it shouldn't' be updated: no documentation & control which version matches which hardware. No boot menu but it should boot the pendrive with the clonezilla. If necessary change the drive order in the bios.

After clean install of the newest Windows 10 version (with the official MediaCreationTool) there is a lot important devices that aren't recognized: touch pad, accelerometer, intel & camera sensors etc. But I've managed to supply drivers that I've backup earlier with the power shell. Everything works fine.

The archive of all drivers is 1GB so I only attach Bosch G-sensor & Goodix for the new hardware from Gearbest:

boot menu is no longer F12 but F7, works OK.
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brushjak| Post time 9-13-2018 01:20:08 | Show all posts
Many thanks guys for making things work!!! I was struggling to find the proper drivers for my Chuwi which after win recover totally crashed. I just downloaded the DRIVERS  and installed manually via Device manager as I was unable to run PowerShell script. Anyway, the missing ones after fresh WIN10 installation were Bosh accelerometer & Goodix driver and now my Chuwi is back alive :-).

Thanks guys, you saved me!
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