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[SurBook] [Official Version] Chuwi SurBook Windows, Driver, Bios Download

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emily|Post time:10-26-2017 19:13:00 View:35885|Reply:99

emily| Post time 10-9-2017 23:26:57 | Show all posts
MarkWalker replied at 10-9-2017 01:47
I have downloaded all the files but I don't know how to install them. Could you help me please?

hello, could you please read this thread, hope it can give you some inspiration ... -CHUWI_SurBook.docx
have a good day
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SLowmo75| Post time 10-11-2017 14:45:10 | Show all posts
Hi all, thanks for all the info - I do have a question though... Do I REALLY need any of this?!

I mean, I have updated the touch and mouse drivers, as they sounded useful, but as for the rest, should I really be spending the time and effort to update my BIOS and Windows 10 already? What exactly is the Windows 10 download? In 4 massive .rar files? Is this a whole new version of Windows 10 that I need to reinstall over the top of this one? Isn't that what I am already using? Or is this new Windows 10 download essential to keep my Surbook running effectively? Or, if I'm happy enough as I am right now, can I just walk away quielty and come back if I think I need anything? Will the BIOS really help me that much right now? I'm a bit frightened to potentially brick my new machine just because I am trying to update it for the sake of it, only trying to have the very latest version for no specific reason?

Thanks for listening - all input and advice gratefully received!
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SLowmo75| Post time 10-13-2017 00:36:43 | Show all posts
Boia11 replied at 9-26-2017 04:28
After update of EC & BIOS to 02.02.02 on the screen appear line black on top. Fix and update BIOS  ...

HI Boia, I had a black bar at the top of the screen for a minute, but I haven't done the Bios update yet. To fix black bar at top, I went into display settings and reset the screen resolution to the native screen rez. Hope that may help you?
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SlavikusNas| Post time 10-13-2017 17:08:20 | Show all posts
Hello! Who can give me a working audio driver, please ?! I really need him
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meeplegamers| Post time 10-13-2017 18:17:29 | Show all posts
The device charges, but does not work without being connected to AC. I have been in contact with customer service, and they want me to pay for a device that didn't function when it arrived to be shipped to China. This is not fair, and I really qould hope for more, for a backer of your IndieGoGo project. Can we get this rectified without further issue?
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SlavikusNas| Post time 10-16-2017 06:52:25 | Show all posts
Hello! I ran into the problem of using Bluetooth devices. Situation: use bluetooth mouse - it works, but it feels freezing when I use it. At a distance of more than one meter stops working.
And when I use the bluetooth sound of the device: the sound is very bad and breaks off.
What could be the problem?
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Boia11| Post time 10-23-2017 10:52:07 | Show all posts
News for BIOS update? I want the screen fix and work perfectly again! work fast please!
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kazzz| Post time 10-24-2017 04:15:37 | Show all posts
chuwisurbook replied at 10-2-2017 05:30
Oh WOW... same issue here... my unit came with the latest BIOS...  not sure if you can downgrade... ...

How's your Surbook? Can you soleve this?
I experienced just same trouble(some black lines appeard and lags) on my Surbook several times.
But in my case, I have updated touch driver only.
I don't know if it cased by drivers, but it don't occur everytime.
I may think it tends to occur at high load operation or long time operation.
So, it is possible that bad electrical contact happend by high temperature of chips...? or Not??

By the way, Touch is good as driver of this updated...
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Killgrave| Post time 10-25-2017 08:21:21 | Show all posts
Hi there.  I received my Surbook yesterday and it is kind of alright but can someone help me please?

1. When I disconnect the keyboard it does not enter into Tablet mode.  I have checked the settings are correct and they are.  It seems according to Windows site that it may need a driver update.  If so, what driver for what device?

2.  I have downloaded the drivers as recommended here and installed the touchpad one.  However I notice that when I enter the settings for mouse and touchpad I do not have the touchpad option.  Only mouse.  Please help.
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jmacie| Post time 10-26-2017 19:13:00 | Show all posts
chuwisurbook replied at 9-27-2017 09:00
Thanks for the tip.   For other people that are not familiar with syntax.  Make the following thre ...

Thanks for this info. Since you have a clear idea of what is up, is there any way to get an unlocked bios?. It seems the n3450 can use 1866 - ddr3 and our ddr3 is rated to 1200, but is clocked at 800mhz. I understand that all the underclocking of the cpu and ram is for minimizing heat and maxxing battery life, but this little celeron is dragging quite a bit and the emmc and ram and undervolting is really dragging the unit down. Thanks for ANY info!
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