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Vi8 Plus reboot/boot problems

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adrien.yhuel|Post time:10-29-2017 12:57:03 View:1370|Reply:2


I have some problems with my Chuwi Vi8 Plus.

Sometimes it doesn't want to start or restart, screen stays black, I have to hold power button long time (more than 30 seconds), and then it boots.

It happens when I shutdown from Windows, or sometimes even when I restart.

I thougt it was Windows problem, I reinstalled windows 10 from scratch, the problem is still here.

I managed to reproduce the problem even from BIOS :
- I enter BIOS with keyboard, then hit "Save and restart"
- Tablet reboot, but screen stays black, I have to hold power button long time

Does anyone have same problem as me ?
What can I do to avoid that ?


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adrien.yhuel| Post time 10-27-2017 08:49:54 | Show all posts
I tried today to boot from a live USB with Linux Mint.
There is lots of devices not recognized, but I saw that there is the same reboot problem as in Windows.

So, if it is stuck on black screen when reboot, from Win or Linux, it can only be a problem with BIOS :
- a bad parameter
- a bug in the BIOS
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adrien.yhuel| Post time 10-29-2017 12:57:03 | Show all posts
Hello everybody,

I solved the problem !

I noticed there was a lil problem in BIOS :
SEC RC Version and TXE FW Version were setted as "N/A"

So I flashed the BIOS using "Intel Flash Programming Tool", in EFI Shell.
It override all flash memory with bios bin file provided (I used last version of Chuwi BIOS).

The I restarted and now all is OK, I can shutdown or restart without any problem.

Now it takes more time to startup (white dots circle turn more long time), maybe it was something broken in BIOS that could not initialize correctly so shutdown and restart had problems.
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