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Hi12 phantom home button clicks, possibly screen cable issue

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Saul|Post time:8-3-2018 01:46:48 View:887|Reply:4


My Hi12 tablet began switching to home screen randomly as if I was pressing the Home button. Also an area of the touch screen became insensitive (a horizontal line about 2 cm wide). This was happening in both Windows and Android.
So I took it apart hoping to find a bad connector and clean it up.
I did find the display connector(?):
and after I cleaned it with some alcohol the touch screen issue was gone.
However, the phantom Home button clicks are still there.
1. Can the screen cable be responsible for the home button issue? If not, then where else should I look?
2. If indeed the cable is the problem, can you send me a replacement or point me to a place where I could buy one. I am in Russia.

Some more details:
While I was plugging and unplugging the connector (yes, I was doing it very carefully) I noticed that 2 pins came off.
I should have taken a photo but let me try to explain. The connector has 2 rows of pins and there are also 2 separate pins on every end of the connector, which are not part of the main array. Like this (not the actual connector):
They simply came off and it appears they were not soldered to anything (I checked with a microscope, no trace of soldering).
This happened on the flex cable part. The corresponding pins on the board part are still in place and they are soldered to the board.
Before these pins were gone I was able to manually press the sensor Home button and it was working okay. Not anymore.
However, the phantom clicks are still happening. Sometimes every 5 minutes or so, sometimes every 5 seconds which makes the tablet unusable.

I really hope someone from Chuwi can help me fix this. I've had 2 of these tablets, this is my second one and I've had so many issues with them (camera, external keyboard, SD slot, android brightness...). I had to return my first tablet and I got another one with different issues. You guys should really invest in improving quality of your products. Even by "cheap chinese" standard this amount of issues is unacceptable.


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Deep_Thought| Post time 7-20-2018 02:45:23 | Show all posts
I also have the phantom home click problem, the touch screen still seems to work fine.
Every few seconds, or minutes, if i am lucky, the open app disappears,  (android), or the start menu comes up, (windows).
Did you ever manage to fix the issue?
I haven't opened it yet, but i might soon.
It's unusable now.
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manonegra222| Post time 7-20-2018 11:57:18 | Show all posts
The ghost touches are identified by the problems of the charger. I have a Vi10 Pro that at the beginning this happened and I could verify that using a quality charger, in my case an aukey, after several charging cycles, these ghost touches disappeared.
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Deep_Thought| Post time 7-23-2018 05:40:52 | Show all posts
Thanks, i'll give that a try.
Accidentally the charger of my Ulefone power 3s has the same capacity; (3000 Ma), so i will charge it with that from now on.
See if it helps.
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Deep_Thought| Post time 8-3-2018 01:46:48 | Show all posts
So far i have charged and depleted it twice with the Ulefone charger, but the problem persists.
The tablet is unusable now.
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