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If you have the SD Card working on Windows...

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tsmvp|Post time:10-1-2018 14:11:28 View:8408|Reply:9


Yes, I am another customer that had the SD card working just fine and now it is dead under Windows. I went on a trip and my wife used the tablet on Android and since that, no more SD Card on Windows.
The same card works just fine under Android (now formatted as ExFAT) and works on any other machine/device. Just refuses to work on the Chuwi UNDER Windows 10.
I am not sure what triggers this but given what I have read/seen so far, these are some conclusions:
- The card worked fine initially. If it was just a matter of drivers, restoring the Windows OS to its pristine, as shipped state, would fix this. I have not tried it but I assume people did try this. What were the results?
- The unsigned drivers, if these work, I can get them signed for sure. Is this a real fix?
- If you do have Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and the card is working, do you mind posting the driver/version details?
- For people with a working Windows 10 machine, do you mind copying the drivers you have somewhere so we can try to see if these work for us unlucky souls?

I do love the machine as it is light, relatively good performer with decent battery life. But not having SD is a deal breaker for me due to the need for Dropbox and the internal 64GB not being enough.



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olegbilas| Post time 11-14-2017 00:45:57 | Show all posts
Edited by olegbilas at 11-14-2017 00:52

If SD is still working in Android, you have make
1) partitition of SD: If the card is more than 32 Gb you must make a primary partition, in format Fat32 for Android and the rest of the card, in NTFS, also primary for Windows. This you may do on computer
2) When you have done, remove the SD for a few weeks and then boot the tablet in Windows with a pendrive connected to port C or microusb. A data pendrive, no matter what the content. Possibly recover the SD reader in Windows. Try it and if so, you leave the card you have prepared with the partitions.This method is proposed by moderator manonegra222.
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manonegra222| Post time 11-14-2017 01:42:18 | Show all posts
just add that, during that period without sd card, you should use both systems
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tsmvp| Post time 11-14-2017 07:24:46 | Show all posts
Ok let me see if I understood the procedure properly:
1. On a different machine (i.e. my home PC), I will use the SD Card and create two partitions on it, one smaller than 32GB I assume and format it using Fat32. For example if the card is 64GB, I can create one 2GB Fat32 and the rest, 62GB, I create another partition formatted with NTFS.
2. Once I have that card formatted with the 2 partitions, I will use the tablet for a couple days/weeks without the SD Card. Then I will try to insert the card on the machine and see if it can read it.
Is this correct?

My main question is, is Android required for this? I am asking as I have plans to remove Android completely as I have no use for it at all.


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adex440| Post time 12-7-2017 00:16:04 | Show all posts
I must say that all of you out there who has sd card problem on your hi10 plus are not alone.
I will like you all to know that i have tried all the suggestions found in all the entire chuwi forum, all to no avail(some solutions worked for a day while some worked for just minutes, including the one suggested by manonegra222

1    That chuwi has no official technical support except for some willing volunteers like manonegra222 who helps for free, or at least not for pay, though chuwi might give them gifts for their contributions.

2      That you must never try to update the default windows 10 that was factory installed on your hi10 plus tablet, or else, you might have sd card issues just like everyone else (so that means never connect internet while using windows 10 on hi10 plus. if card support is important to you)

3      Use fat 16 (fat) cards on chuwi when it can no longer detect fat 32,exfat and NTFS cards. fat 16 cards works no matter what. (Unfortunately fat16 cards are only available in 1gb and 2gb variants)

NOTE: I have tried all the other suggestions available before this post,
            none other than the one i provided in line 3
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manonegra222| Post time 12-7-2017 02:07:57 | Show all posts
adex440 replied at 12-7-2017 09:16
I must say that all of you out there who has sd card problem on your hi10 plus are not alone.
I will ...

Thank you for trying and for exposing your conclusions here.
Regarding the use of the method I suggested in the forum, this is to revive the reader, but once it is active, you must avoid the use of cards over 32 Gb in Android. For this, before using them, we have to make a maximum partition of 32 Gb in Fat32. That partition will be the one that Android will use. The rest of the capacity of the card must be formatted in a system that Android can not recognize, for example NTFS.
The truth is that this method has been tested in the Telegram group in Spanish and has paid off, the most obvious success being in the Sandisk ultra 32 and 64 Gb cards.
Personally, I keep in my Chuwi Hi10Pro a ultra Sandisk (black with red letters) 128 Gb card inserted since October 2016 with correct operation and no failure at this time.
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jtrosky| Post time 12-14-2017 03:33:23 | Show all posts
I'm also using a SanDisk 128gb Ultra Plus MicroSD card in my Hi10 Plus without issues.  It also works seamlessly in Windows and Android (just using the exFat format that it came with).  

My sons gaming PC power supply dies recently, so I gave him the power supply from my "office PC" to use until I ordered a new one from him.  Since I no longer had an office PC, I decided to use my Hi10 Plus as my PC!  I connected my monitor to the HDMI-out port, my speakers to the headphone jack and a USB hub to the MicroUSB port (where I then connect my fullsize keyboard, wireless mouse and USB->Ehternet adapter).  

I have been extremely impressed with how well the Hi10 Plus works as my office PC!  :-)  Plus, if need be, I can take my entire "PC" with me.  :-)  I use the 128gb MicroSD card for storage (install apps to the main C: drive and other data to the SD card, such as Google Drive sync, etc).  To my surprise, when I booted into Android, the SD card worked perfectly there as well.  

I keep Windows 10 fully updated and don't have to mess with drivers at all - everything just works...  Can't explain why some have so many issues and others don't...
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manonegra222| Post time 12-14-2017 13:39:35 | Show all posts
jtrosky replied at 12-14-2017 12:33
I'm also using a SanDisk 128gb Ultra Plus MicroSD card in my Hi10 Plus without issues.  It also work ...

Thank you very much for your feedback, it is very nice and strange to see published positive opinions since most forum topics are always to expose and look for solutions to problems that arise and users without problems do not usually write to convey their satisfaction.
Thank you very much again.
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gherrm| Post time 2-7-2018 07:04:55 | Show all posts
Just to let people know I used a Kingston 128GB microSDXC 128G microSD UHS-I Class 10. And this program. It is free.  MiniTool Partition Wizard. Partitioned the Windows at  NTFS 84.3 GB. And Partitioned Android at Fat 32 at 31.9 GB. Then put card in tablet booted to Windows. Then booted to Android. Card works in both.
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@oli| Post time 10-1-2018 14:11:28 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
I also experienced the same sd card problem after updating to windows 10 falls creators version.. no SD card use at the moment. Any solution?
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