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[Hi10 Pro] Hi10 Pro: SD Card Reader Issues Windows 10 , works under Android (common issue)

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ChiefOtter|Post time:12-14-2017 04:16:46 View:2401|Reply:2


I have a Hi10 Pro Model : CWI529
Serial : HQ64G42XXX9000XXX

64GB SD Card set up under Android and worked successfully under Win10 and Android for sometime.

Appears a Windows 10 update may have now made this stop working successfully as reader still works under Android 100%

Tried numerous cards under win10 and non now get detected. I had one 16gb card get detected but it stopped working very quickly after that and would not read again.

I have seen various "solutions" presented online re: driver downgrade or bios update but nothing official or consistent in the approach to resolve the issue.

Can someone please give me either a solution to this issue or a status update on this?

Currently I'm using the original SD Card in a OTG Micro SD reader and everything is fine between the two O/Ss the internal reader only works under Android currently.

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manonegra222| Post time 12-14-2017 02:55:29 | Show all posts
The failure of the SD, will also extend to Android ..
It is a known failure that is occurring in equipment, of any brand, with the processor Z8350 and Bios of American Megadrens. There is no official solution because even if a Bios update resolves the situation permanently.
In the forum, as you say, several unofficial solutions have been published that have allowed many users to revive their SD readers.
The cards will work without any problem in the USB ports with an adapter.
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CremeBrulee| Post time 12-14-2017 04:16:46 | Show all posts
I have the same problem... only now it stopped working under Android as well. (The SD card has no problems in my PC or smartphone.)
What is the root cause? Hardware failure? BIOS? Firmware? - And what is the proposed solution from Chuwi?
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