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[Hi8 Pro] How to reinstall win 10 on single boot version

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kisvukk70|Post time:12-21-2017 05:57:00 View:883|Reply:2

My chuwi hi8 pro win 10 home tablet did not work properly (start menu and most of panel icon does not come up) so i tried to reset.
Reset process started but after runing only a message waited me: There was a problem refreshing/resetting your PC, No changes were made
I tried reinstall win 10, downloaded the files from here but no success.
I formated an usb drive to fat32 named WINPE, use udisk to made it bootable and copied all the downloaded and unzipped file to usb drive.
After i restarted the tablet a script worked, made same change on partition and copied an image file then tablet restarted. And nothing more happened. Win 10 did not installed, so the tablet now empty.
If i try to rerun the usb drive the winpeinit start again but quit with a message:

call diskpart /s x:\listdisk.txt
echo was unexpected at this time.

When i view it in diskpart there is no hard drive in the tablet, only the usb exist.
First question is, it can be reapair, if yes, how?
Second, how can i use the win 10 package because that does not bootable?
Thanks for any help!


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manonegra222| Post time 12-14-2017 14:48:34 | Show all posts
What you say is not good. If the eMMC does not appear when you are going to install Windows, it is synonymous with the fact that the eMMC may be damaged. To check it, you must enter the Bios, pressing Esc when you start the tablet and checking if the storage unit is on the screen.
If you can not find it, the only solution would be to replace the storage unit, a very complicated operation and you will need a qualified technical service.
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kisvukk70| Post time 12-21-2017 05:57:00 | Show all posts
Thanks your advice! I made a new usb setup disk from microsoft official and it can be installed. Only the chuwi version did not see the inner storage. It strange, but now the tablet works. But it brings a new problem. The windows is fall creator update and tablet screen not rotating anymore if the table in landscape when i turn on the screen dont rotate when i turn it to portrait position. But it windows problem, not only chuwi tablet affected.
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