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[battery][Hi13] Less then 45 Min

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berzerking|Post time:4-8-2019 23:15:52 View:823|Reply:6

i have a big problem with my hi13. since two week the battery work only less an hour and the computer stop without warning.

When i used (on battery) my Hi13 and launch big application the computer stop immediatly without warning and i can't restart it if i don't plug in the charger before.
I full charge the tablet for about 8hours on each test.

I check if it is charger problem and change another charger to try. (ali express offical chuwi store send me an additional charger)

Here is the graph i made with the computer data :

When i check the battery is say : ""design capacity 4406 mAh, last full capacity 4406 mAh = 100%" not 10000 mAh

I used the originals chargers .

I try to have answer on aliexpress , mail support chuwi and twitter ... and nothing ... any help ? Please !

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berzerking| Post time 12-13-2017 00:07:05 | Show all posts
I just re-install windows from scratch ... and still the same thing.

I was at 100% and let it run without bluetooth and wifi. Just start the fresh install. And at 80 % (less then 15 min later) i just want to go in setting to see something and th pc just blakc screen and impossilbe to restart without plugin on alimentation.
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gumi| Post time 12-12-2017 04:02:05 | Show all posts
What's the voltage for your 4406mAh reading?
10000mAh => 10Ah * 3.7V => 5Ah * 7.4V

Anyway my reading is:
37Wh ~ 7.4V (by HWINFO64)
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berzerking| Post time 12-12-2017 05:31:51 | Show all posts
the voltage depends on the speed of the processor. No matter what type of power management I set up on my PC, the difference in usage time was minimal or the PC stopped suddenly without a warning message.

When I run a game or a heavy application, the battery could be 100% or 80 or 20, some seconds after launch, it was black screen and impossible to restart the PC without replug the alimentation.

Here I indicate that the maximum charge capacity of my battery is ~ 5000 mAh.

The sensors included in the machine only retrieve the max / acutelle capacity + the remaining time calculation.

It is besides with these datasets that I could generate the graph above.
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gumi| Post time 12-12-2017 05:48:26 | Show all posts
Edited by gumi at 12-12-2017 05:52

It isn't voltage of the CPU,system,floating in time etc but constant spec. of the battery (combos of the two batteries exactly). Run HWINFO64 and read your stats.
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emily| Post time 12-12-2017 19:10:42 | Show all posts
hello, could you please try this method, hope it can help you:

1, check the flat-panel accessories, Even there is  short circuit phenomenon , unplug the peripheral equipment;
2, there are many applications on the plat background , close the unused applications ; WIFI and Bluetooth consume too much power, when not use this two accessories , you can  close  Bluetooth and Wifi .
3, the display brightness is too bright, transferred it to the appropriate brightness;
4, the software conflict can also cause power  consume fast, uninstall the software conflict with the system  .
5, the system is not working properly, resulting in power control chip can not be configured according to the optimal power, can be resolved through refreshing machine;
6, The battery problem, only replace the battery  can solve this problem ;
7, motherboard short circuit, components Weld, bad power supply IC and other hardware reasons , it need to be resolved after specific testing;

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Peter88| Post time 4-8-2019 23:15:52 | Show all posts
I have contacted Chuwi support and got a definitive answer to this. The battery has a short life cycle. They don't expect it to last much more than a year. 300 to 500 charges.
Nor do they carry many spares, they consider it obsolete and we should buy a new one.
You can obtain a new battery via ebay or such.. based on size and change it. The good news is if plugged in all the time, the device works.
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