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My HI12 SDXC Card Solution...

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technisol|Post time:1-9-2018 19:31:56 View:925|Reply:2

Edited by technisol at 1-9-2018 17:16

As it seems that we are still having SDXC card issues after all these months(coming up on years?), I tried something different.  My 128GB SDXC card worked fine until I had to wipe my Hi12 by nuking and repaving with Moto's Spring Creator's Update installation after a failed Windows Update, from that point on everything else worked great as before, installation went smoothly, but I had lost the ability for the SDXC card to function with the latest drivers through Windows Update and had to use unsigned drivers from Windows 8 or so.  This has been an ongoing issue, with the card periodically not being recognized, or unusable, then recently eventually being corrupted beyond Win 10's ability to fix it, so had to be formatted -fortunately it was mostly full of media files backed up on a hard drive.

After that I rebuilt the data on the card, and still had continuing issues with the card being recognized, or stopping working shortly after it was, or frequently having to run a disk repair to access it even if it was recognized.  VERY ODD BEHAVIOR with the latest drivers!  I don't know what gives with this issue, but it's a real certifiable pain and someone deserves to get it in the neck as part of a class action suit for all the aggravation users are experiencing...  Grrrr.  <cue OldFartGrumbling sound effects>


Well, there are several, but the one I chose is moving the SDXC card to an external reader...   I found these (USB 3.0 Mini Card Reader FAT12/16/32 MICRO SD/SDXC Aluminum TF Card Reader) on eBay for around $6 or less.  MY 128GB SDXC works great in it, and it's pretty fast in the Usb3.0 slot or a hub, or works about half speed in the Usb2.0 socket as one might expect.

I hope the image link works, because trying to properly insert an image seems to bring up an input dialog box with what I can only assume are Chinese labels...  (nice work configuring your forum software Chuwi!)

Now, it's not perfect, but it does match the color of my gold Hi12 pretty well(sort of rose goldish rather than gold, but, hey, what do you want?) and only sticks out about 5/8", so not flush, but easy to remove and store if you're worried about it in your bag or that it'll get caught on something or damage the Usb port.  An even lower profile solution would be the SANDISK Ultra flash drives, but then what do you do with the SDXC card you already have?  The obvious advantage here is that you can swap other SD cards you may have into it and don't have to buy an entire drive if you already have the cards.

One of the more interesting features about this thing is that the SD card actually goes into the connector end of the device where one typically sees just a piece of plastic inside the connector.  Biggest bummer about it is that it doesn't have an activity LED and it does stick out a bit from the Usb slot.  It makes up for this by being made out of Aluminum, so maybe it's a pretty safe bet leaving it plugged in, though that might cause the USB3.0 port to fail in the event of catching it on something rather than damaging the reader so I guess that might be a negative.

Hope it helps someone.  As for me, until I hear that the internal SD reader issues have been fixed this will be my solution.  I simply cannot spend any more time dealing with what should be a non-issue.

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emily| Post time 1-9-2018 18:30:54 | Show all posts
very thank you, it is very useful to others
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technisol| Post time 1-9-2018 19:31:56 | Show all posts
Edited by technisol at 1-9-2018 19:34

You're welcome, Emily.  But I'd really like to hear from your Developers just what they know about the SDXC card issue.   All I've done is find a compact little way to read/write to a storage device I'd already paid for without having to buy a whole new storage device.  Please get someone to let us know what Chuwi knows regarding this issue.  There are some very bright folks in these forums.  Perhaps with a little info we can help make progress.

For my part, I know I never had a problem with the SDXC card reader as long as I had the original Win 10 version that came on my Hi12 and just let it update through Windows Update.  Somehow that process maintained whatever code kept the internal SDXC card reader working, going to the Spring Creator's update broke things.  That has to mean something to someone.  There must have been a functional system that was maintained through all Windows Updates up to that point.  The big question is "What was Windows Update not updating that was updated with the Creator's Update that Moto provided..."

That's the best thing I can think of to contribute.  
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