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Wifi is not working anymore

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Berioldir|Post time:1-31-2018 13:38:14 View:1020|Reply:4

Hey there,

the following happened to my Hi12, serial number Q64G451710000XXX:

- bought in decembre, configured win10 and everything worked fine.
- then windows update assisstant installed the creators update.
- after restart, wifi did not work anymore (no networks were detected anymore). There was an exclamation mark on the realtek network adapter in the device manager, I'm not sure what the error was ... something like "...adapter is experiencing driver- or hardware-related problems"
- I thought that this would be a problem of the creators update, so I decided to roll the update back (using the update assisstant) and doing a factory reset
- After this, wifi worked, untill sometime while using android the tablet hung up.
- After restarting, wifi did not work anymore, neither on android nor on windows. Same problem as above (problem with the realtek network adapter).
- second factory reset did not solve the problem.
- Yesterday I installed clean version of Windows 10 1709 RS3 RTM Fall Creators Update.
- Now there's no realtek device in "network adapters" anymore, but there's a device "realtek bluetooth uart bus driver" with device status "this device cannot start (code 10), status_device_power_failure".
- troubleshoot in network&internet settings says "windows did noet detect a properly installed network adapter. If you have a network adapter, you will need to re-install the driver".

That's all I know so far. Do you need further information?

Thanks for your help!

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Motobot| Post time 1-26-2018 13:28:42 | Show all posts
Judging by your detailed description of the problem, there is a hardware failure of your tablet. Most likely it is a Wi-Fi / Bluetooth controller malfunction.
Warranty repair of the tablet is required. Unfortunately, my conclusion is beyond doubt.
I advise you not to waste time and return the defective tablet to the seller as soon as possible.
I apologize for the bad news that I have to tell you.
Good Luck!
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Motobot| Post time 1-26-2018 13:49:32 | Show all posts
Of course, you can buy a USB Wi-Fi Adapter. This seems to me less acceptable. However, you decide which option to choose.
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Berioldir| Post time 1-31-2018 11:36:44 | Show all posts
Hey Motobot,

thank you for your support.
The shipping costs back to china would be 45 € and the device is worth 180 € ... so I decided to keep it and buy a nano Wi-Fi adapter.
The wifi adapter works well in Win10, but there's still no wifi in android. Actually I don't know how to configure android in a way that it accepts the new wifi adapter instead of the old, broken one .... any idea?
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Motobot| Post time 1-31-2018 13:38:14 | Show all posts
I have no idea how to configure this adapter in Android.
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