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How I learned to love the Chuwi Hi12 Bomb (PEN!)...

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technisol|Post time:2-16-2018 22:40:05 View:721|Reply:1

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Well, folks, turns out we all(?) got it wrong, at least when it comes to drawing with the Chuwi Hi 12 pen.  I've spent the last week or two looking for a "new" machine, which in my case meant a 2-in-1 not unlike the Chuwi Hi12 or an MS Surface 3/4...  Anyhow, the pen input was important to me and I did a lot of reading up on the models I found the best deals on with pen inputs.  I'm a longtime fan of Lenovos, I still have an X200T that I use daily for downloads and general tasks.  While researching I naturally came across some pen related writing and a few artist related reviews, etc., and what I learned is we've been doing it all wrong!  We've been blaming the pen, or at least many have, when we should be at least in part blaming the software.


It turns out that, a lot of the limitations of the pen can be overcome.  Try Clip Studio Paint, formerly MANGA Studio, with a canvas of say 3000 x 2000, brush of 50-70, and quick strokes...  Apparently a large part of why the Chuwi Hi12 pen tends to "jump around" has to do with interpolation. sampling rate, filtering, and AES stylus pen technology.  Quicker strokes just work better because less sampling occurs over a short distance with a longer faster line, so less points are gathered and have less chance of diverting the intended smooth line by mapping deviations.  It's much easier to get a straight line with only two points of reference than by connecting a bunch of points along the same pathway.  You have to try it to believe it.  I think by increasing the resolution to 3000x2000 or even 5000x3000, etc. we may be slowing the software a bit because it has to handle a much larger file and manipulate a lot more memory, that higher resolution shown at lower magnification while drawing has a smoothing and filtering effect, etc.  Plus Clip Studio has built in adjustable filtering -which i haven't even bothered adjusting.  By the way, all AES pen based tablets have these same limitations without some form of filtering -it's the nature of the beast.

Do a search for Clip Studio Paint, download it and try the demo version without the product key and see for yourselves.

For anyone that's interested in drawing, the Hi12 just got a whole LOT better!

In the mean time, I had been following eBay a lot and purchased a used/like brand new(box, paperwork, keyboard, pen, M7 CPU, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD)  Lenovo Miix 700 for a whopping $425 USD!  I didn't buy it, I "stole" it!  They are still going for nearly $1K new, plus the pen.  Really nice machine, but if you have a Chuwi Hi12 definitely check out Clip Studio Paint and do a little research online for other packages.  There are also plug-ins for Adobe that can help too.  I can tell you that Adobe PS CC 2015 runs on the Hi12 as well.  It's probably not suitable for really large image manipulation, but you can do a lot with it if you're patient.

As always, best luck to you all!  Live and Learn!

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manonegra222| Post time 2-16-2018 22:40:05 | Show all posts
Thank you very much for sharing your experiences
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