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Chuwi Hi10 Pro full reinstall

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Element29|Post time:2-22-2018 01:24:12 View:812|Reply:0

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I have my Hi10 Pro in a state which isn't very good, neither Android or Windows 10 are working. I followed the instructions, but no success.

I wanted to replace RemixOS with Android, but that wasn't working. To get a better access to the partition system, I made the Windows partition a bit smaller and moved the Recovery partition to the next to the Windows partition. After this I had to create a 200 MB Linux boot partition and a partition for Lubuntu 17.10. The installation only works if software update during installation is used, otherwise the bootloader installer will fail.

After this Windows doesn't want to boot anymore. Ok, so I downloaded the Windows 10 version for my tablet (Atom Z8300) and copied the files to an USB stick. The script started, detected a dual-boot-system, but then it stops. I can't tell the exact error now because I don't find this USB stick. So I used Lubuntu to extract the Windows archive and copied it directly to the partition. I also tried to use the single steps of the install script manually. Both methods didn't work. Actually even Recovery isn't working, always stops with 'Error 0x000000f: A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed'. I made a reset to BIOS defaults, so everything should be available. I also booted always from USB 2.0.

Notes: I got the tablet without a charger, and it's not available in Germany. So I'm using one from Anker which also features Qualcomms QuickCharge Technology. My USB-C Hub is from Aukey, featuring 4 USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C pass-through-port and a HDMI output. I also have an MicroUSB-Hub connected which features cardreaders and an external power input, so even installing from DVD is possible, I tested it. The problem is with the charger: The original one has a USB-C connector which is longer as the normal ones, like on my charger. But I have an USB-C extension cord which has a longer connector. I don't know what's special about the original Chuwi charger, would be interesting to know. Lubuntu always shows that the battery is discharging, however, the power LED is blinking. The hardware 0x000000f error appears in every case, no matter what is connected or disconnected.

Back to the original topic: Actually I want to get the tablet fully working again, with Android, Windows 10 and my Lubuntu installation. Then I wanted to clone all partitions to a 64 GB USB 3.0 stick. Originally I planned to install OSx86 (Mac OS X) on the tablet, but there are no drivers for the Intel graphics, and the Intel Atom isn't supported very good. So I mainly want to use Android and Windows. I hope it's possible to re-partition the internal eMMC in a better format, the actual 17-partition-system is annyoing and a lot of space is lost. I hope it's possible to remove some unneccessary partitions.

I'm now searching for my USB stick to get the error, maybe somebody has the download link for my operation systems. I used the oldest ones because all newer are for the Atom Z8350 processor, but maybe there's another one. Serial Number: HI10 PQ64G42160902200

Best Regards, Element29.

EDIT: Has the Hi10 Pro a 32bit or 64bit UEFI ?

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