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How to stop windows updating tablet

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gazzaplus|Post time:3-18-2018 01:07:04 View:482|Reply:1

In the warranty it says that if you update the os then your warranty is void.
I totally agree with this because I really hate how windows takes over you machine and installs updates when you don't want them, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Does anyone know how to stop updates permantely, I mean permantely.
The Chuwi has now been updated twice and I have uninstalled the updates all bar one which I can't uninstall.



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I do not believe that indicates the guarantee, In any case indicate that the warranty cancels the installation of another operating system, but it is a thought of mine since I do not read the manual. What I'm sure is to void the warranty by updating Windows It's not true.

Windows if it is a system known for the numerous updates that launch the team, the intention or that is supposed to bring improved performance and security. It is also true that many of the problems that arise in the tablet comes from a bad update, I do not mean that the update is dangerous but that the users themselves have to be careful and patient while installing everything correctly on the computer since Sometimes it can take several hours, so you never have to miss the battery in the tablet, it is recommended to always connect the charger during updates.

Yes, it is possible to disable Windows Update, but I do not recommend it. Just look at Google this phrase will find the steps.
Another way is without connecting the Wifi the Tablet will not update.
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