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Chuwi Hi8 Air - Wifi Issues

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xNuno|Post time:4-11-2018 00:44:54 View:1680|Reply:5

Edited by xNuno at 4-5-2018 00:59


Yesterday I received the new Chuwi Hi8 Air but after some testing i'm really disappointed!

As you can see on videos bellow the Wifi is so so so poor but it's almost impossible to reach any web page and when it loads the speed don't go higher 5mbps!

I have two Chuwi Hi10 Pro and it's not like this... they are much better!

Already open a case on Banggood and they ask me to wait until they reach the vendor to know what should I do...

Does anyone already have a Chuwi Hi8 Air that can provide some feedback? I liked the device and want to know if I should ask for a replacement or a complete refund to go to other model...

PS: I tried this on both Android and Windows, tried as well after a complete factory reset on both OS issue is the same... besides that the tablet have dust inside screen do quality check skipped this!

Nuno Silva

Use magic Report| Post time 4-5-2018 07:05:33 | Show all posts
Nothing else connect the Wifi I think you will have many Windows updates in the background, this can affect a lot in the normal use of the computer, you may notice slow, is normal.
Check to put Windows Update up to date on the updates and then check how the computer works.

I doubt that a new tablet has dust inside, have you removed the screen protector?
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mr_robot| Post time 4-5-2018 18:55:48 | Show all posts
I recently ordered a Chuwi Hi8 Air and it is still in transit, will report back with my WiFi speed test results once I receive it! I also have 2 HI8 pro and both are working well, no problem with the WiFi, hope they didn't change to a crappy WiFi chip set for HI8 Air.
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xNuno| Post time 4-6-2018 01:31:56 | Show all posts
Not Windows updates issue cause I tried as well on Android... and the issue is not only the speed it's the networks that device found available as well... this is chipste issue or something... and as far as I can see i'm not alone complaining about this chipset...

Already tried to restore both OS and same...

And found that tablet click itself on menus ... maybe caused by the dust...
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mr_robot| Post time 4-10-2018 06:38:53 | Show all posts
Edited by mr_robot at 4-20-2018 15:48

Alright I just received my Hi8 Air and did some quick internet speed test and the result was rather disappointing.

Left side is Air and right is Pro, I am guessing the metallic casing blocks the Wifi signal resulting in poor connection.

Also after using the Hi8 Air for a few hours here are my thoughts on the pros & cons:

Sleek desgin with metallic finish
Slightly smaller size than Hi8 Pro
Fully laminated screen looks amazing (Better than Hi8 Pro)
Touch screen operation to select OS on boot
Android seems to be slightly more optimized
Charging light now lights up and dissappears once charging is complete instead of the irritating flashing led during charging

Poor Wifi speed (Why no 5GHz?)
No more physical Home/Window's Start button
Windows 10 is still running old build 1607
Speaker also not as loud as Hi8 Pro
Led no longer lights up indicating succesful power on

I am baffled that Chuwi still choose to use 32GB storage and not upgrade it to at least 64GB. Seriously 32GB is not enough storage for a dual OS system.

Edit: Will probably add more info here or post a new thread once I have more time to try out the Hi8 Air

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downlogin| Post time 4-11-2018 00:44:54 | Show all posts
wifi is good. you are just unlucky.
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