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Chuwi Hi13 won´t turn on

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dreamwriter34|Post time:9-25-2018 02:00:09 View:1036|Reply:5

Hello, my Chuwi Hi13 won´t turn on. Kept it on charge the usual time and the charging red light won´t turn off or change to charge complete. When I try to turn it on the red light turns on and turns off after a bit and the tablet won´t turn on. The power light on the keyboard when attached also doesn´t turn on. I tried keeping the power button pressed for more than 30 seconds to see if it would reset but the only thing that happens is the red light turning on and off after a few seconds and keeps repeating this. I tried charging it with the charger and USB-C cable and also with the other cable, with no result. What can I do next? Should I send the tablet to repair? If it has to go to repair, can I contact Chuwi directly or should I contact the seller (Gearbest)?


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doodzilla| Post time 4-10-2018 06:35:04 | Show all posts
you can contact Chuwi at but do contact both.. use your entire arsenal see also if gearbest pays you for local repair of your device. Bangood does.
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Techdragonz| Post time 4-11-2018 03:22:32 | Show all posts
Ok, here is what you do. Like Doodzilla said: Contact both!

First contact gearbest, tell them and pleed for a partial refund to repair the costs. They will give it to you. most of the time they can go as high as 30-50 percent of the buy price!

Then contact chuwi, they will ask to send it to them, i think you should pay the shipping so use the money gearbest gave you.

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dreamwriter34| Post time 4-11-2018 14:09:51 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
I already contacted both.Gearbest asked for the serial number and a video describing the problem.Chuwi haven't replied yet.
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Steve30x| Post time 4-12-2018 00:50:56 | Show all posts
Edited by Steve30x at 4-12-2018 00:53

I had the same problem. Yesterday I tried the tablet again. When I pressed the power button the keyboard light would light and the charging led would flash for less than a second. So I pressed the power button for a few seconds a few times and eventually the charging led stayed on for a second and the tablet booted up , but its still a bit dodgy on startup and when the tablet goes to sleep I have to do the whole process all over again.

Also about Gearbest. they have the worst customer support I've ever had. Don't expect anything from them and if they do answer you will be very lucky to get any clear answer from them. I have a Hi12 here that I bought about five weeks ago that died within 24 hours of receiving it from Gearbest and I still am not able to return it to gearbest for rwepairs because they will not give a clear answer.
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Neptun| Post time 9-25-2018 02:00:09 | Show all posts
I have the same problem too, since I made an update of win 10.
To turn on the tablet, press ON  and get the red light. Wait about 10-15 seconds and then press ON again up to the red light. It should work. A little strange but it works (at me).
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