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Hi13 HDD disappeared after WIN10 Update

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artowi|Post time:6-13-2018 03:03:26 View:1253|Reply:10

Techdragonz| Post time 6-13-2018 00:17:07 | Show all posts
I am very sorry for your bad luck right now. I also dont seem to hnderstand how a eMMC would fail because of a windows update...
I don't think it is broken, I just think it cannot be recognised anymore by the system. (It is very unlickely that the update broke the storage unit!)

Tell chuwi service they gave wrong BIOS and tell them it bricked your Hi13.
They will help you return the device to them and hopefully you will get it back.
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artowi| Post time 6-13-2018 03:03:26 | Show all posts
As Motobot suggested probably it was not the WIN10 update itself causing the problem but the unit failed 'Burn-In' test and the same thing could have happened with any other job with having the processor running under high load.

I had followed CHUWIs instruction and installed a BIOS with different name 'I2W6...'  instead of the 'M1W6....' and I would not have dared to do such experiment on my own.      

I am just surprised that CHUWI service does not know about the existence of M1W6... BIOS and provide this file to me.    I could open the tablet and program the BIOS to the flash memory chip directly (I have the tools for it) but I will follow CHUWIs instructions rather than doing things on my own.

Now I wait for the address where to send the unit in China.  Unfortunately I just had been to SZ 2 weeks ago myself and my hotel probably was less than 5 km distance from CHUWI office.  It would have been easy to deliver back to them in person.

I fear that if I send back to China now it will be another long long wait and no functional Hi13 back within 2018....

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