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Share the Chuwi Higame with your friends and get prizes!

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Dear HiGame project participants, we hope you are having a great summer.

We want to express our gratitude to our customers for the support and publicity of our products, and we have decided to give incredible prizes to thank the participants who helped tell our friends about HiGame.
Do you want to receive a prize? Read the rules below.

Rules of participation:
The action is valid until the end of the Chuwi HiGame project on Indiegogo.
Anyone who has an account with Indiegogo can participate.
Create and share your exclusive link to our campaign, on Facebook, Twitter or Blog. When you log in to your Indiegogo account, you can copy the link directly into the address bar of your web browser, or click on the "Share on Facebook / Twitter" icons on the right side of the page, and you will also see the icon of Facebook in the mobile version.


When your friends place an order in advance with your reference link, your order will count as your reward!


And here are the excellent gifts we have for you!


Our awards are great, but would you like another gift? Does not matter!
We are ready to pay the prize in cash. You recommend our device to your friend, and we pay you cash in the amount of $ 15. There are no restrictions on the number.
Note: If you have any questions or suggestions, you can join our Facebook group to analyze it.
Facebook Group:

Notes on the rules:
If the customer cancels the order or requires a refund before delivery, the order will be considered invalid.
We will follow all the rules and regulations of Indiegogo.
Do not forget to log in to the Indiegogo account, and only after sharing with your friends, otherwise, the result will not count for you.
To receive an award guarantee, contact the brand
You can only get prizes through referrals.
You may receive only one reward corresponding to the number of votes collected. For example, if you successfully recommended 9 people, you can choose a prize: the 5 corresponding people or the reimbursement (get money). You can not choose two options at the same time.

Then, go ahead, act. Mark as many friends as you can. Therefore, the goal of $ 600,000 will be even closer, and we can update HiGame for free, as promised.


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