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[Hi9 Air] Hands-on with the chuwi Hi9 Air:fast peformance and good battery life

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admin|Post time:8-9-2018 10:43:03 View:300|Reply:3

I like the form factor of the Chuwi Hi9 Air much better than its predecessor, the Hi9 Android tablet. It is a nice-looking, sleek tablet that runs multiple apps together well, and its large screen is great for gaming.
Its external dimensions are 241.7 x 172.0 x 7.9mm, and the form factor makes the Hi9 Air very similar, but slimmer, than the Apple iPad. It weighs 0.55kg (1.2lbs).

Its 10.1-inch screen size and resolution of 2560 x 1600 gives the device a lot of screen real estate.

Inside the Hi9Air is a MediaTek 6797 Helio X20 Deca core CPU with an ARM Mali-T880 graphics chip running at 780MHz. it seems faster than the Hi9. It comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. There is also the option to add a TF card up to 128GB.

It has an 8,000mAh battery, which will give you up to about six hours of usage, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a micro USB slot. The SIM slot will take two SIMs, which can be configured for mobile data use, calls or SMS messages.

The tablet setup lets you copy your data over from an iPhone and Android device or download it from the cloud.

Building the device is easy. Once connected to Wi-Fi, updates, if any, are applied to the Android 8.0 build, and you are presented with a simple, clean home screen.

I'm impressed with the cameras on the Hi9 Air. The rear camera is 13-megapixel Samsung and the front-facing camera is 5 megapixel. There's an LED flash, too -- thank you, Chuwi.

It is about time tablets have started to appear with built in LED flash functionality. The camera's panorama setting has guidance arrows to ensure you get a smooth panoramic image -- a nice touch.

The tablet has 5G and 2.4G Wi-Fi, too, and its performance is good here. I saw no lag in apps loading or basic tablet functions.

The speakers are good, clear, and fairly loud for a tablet of this size. The base is not thumping from the small speakers, but the sound is more than adequate.

There are other features in the base OS -- such as Find My Device and Google Pay. With a SIM, you can engage the mobile anti-theft feature to lock the phone, or wipe the data remotely.

To use the tablet in kiosk mode, you can pin one specific screen for viewing and request that a PIN be used to unpin the screen again.

A couple of things annoyed me: The settings in the OS indicate that you can attach a physical keyboard. This would have to be a Wi-Fi keyboard -- there are no pins for physical connection to the tablet. The settings also specify that the tablet has NFC, yet I could not get it to work.


Use magic Report| Post time 8-9-2018 00:18:47 | Show all posts
That Where and who indicates that you have NFC? I never saw Chuwi highlight that feature in the promotion of this Tablet.
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Hackerjac| Post time 8-9-2018 02:20:17 | Show all posts
And who wrote this review, looks like some insider in the Tjuwi company

And you forgot to mention the problem with sim+BT while using both at the same time, also the very low levet of the speakers, can't hear the GPS voice while driving on the highway, even if the speakers is at max volume, and not to forget the dimm screen that is not as bright as promised, caurse some guy complained over it was too bright

And i agree with santi, no where else than here its men tioned it have NFC

Just checked mine, it does not have NFC
So with that this is a fake review
I do NOT work for Chuwi. Please DO NOT pm or email me with problems you may have!
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manonegra222| Post time 8-9-2018 10:43:03 | Show all posts
I received today a Hi9 Air bought in the store Geabest, since the one I bought on June 14 at the official Chuwi store on AliExpress I never received it.
In the few hours of using the tablet I am satisfied with the statements of your article, it is a large tablet, compact format, with a large screen and good performance of your processor. The system, Android 8.0, which does not 8.1, behaves with solvency in all the apps that I have used and especially in the reproduction of video, online or YouTube. Personally, I think it is one of the best, if not the best in its level.

But I also agree with the comments of Santi and Hackerjack regarding the benefits and problems that, resolved, would give excellence to the tablet. I think that Chuwi should, instead of publishing pseudo reviews made by house staff, should listen to the users and followers of years of the tablet, who have been solving problems and doubts of users and who, with their own resources have been buying the new models of their manufactured for this purpose.

Chuwi must respond to these problems and maintain a quality after-sales service.
To this end I have always been here and the comments of grateful users have been my best reward.
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