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Corebook not charging

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s5554|Post time:8-19-2018 22:55:28 View:459|Reply:1

I had a strange experience with my Corebook, the battery became empty while windows was running. I plugged the charger to Corebook and pushed the power button, nothing happened. But then I got the advice from after-sales support that I must use the power button in a very specific way:
three short clicks and fourth long push at least 10 seconds
And the miracle happened, my Corebook booted as it should! To me it seems strange that the computer goes to this kind of big sleep.

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Hackerjac| Post time 8-19-2018 22:55:28 | Show all posts
Its not an unknown problem on Chuwi products, have seen the same behavior since my very first Hi12 arround 2½ year ago, what the 4 clicks do it simple, it resets the bios that have been corrupted somehow
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