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Corbook kyboard issu

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gmanikumar|Post time:11-17-2018 00:39:14 View:400|Reply:3

Hi, I'm having a wird issu that just startd today. Th kys 'E' and '3' in my kypad ar not working. Sorry about th wird typing in advanc - I hav to unplug my corbook form th kybaord in ordr to typ th missing lttrs.

Any idas on how to fix th issu? Thanks in advanc for any hlp.

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s5554| Post time 8-24-2018 05:02:17 | Show all posts
You mean the separate keyboard? How about the keyboard layout on the tablet?
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emily| Post time 8-28-2018 23:49:17 | Show all posts
HI,Have you tried the testing keyboard software?

Here's the link. You can try it,https://chuwiinnovationtechnolog ... tp4wkzx5dxwb7fz3uww  and if it's still useless,please email to for further maintence and testing
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gmanikumar| Post time 11-17-2018 00:39:14 | Show all posts
Thanks guys. I pressed Fn Key + either F1/F2/F3 + another key (don't know which one worked as I tried a lot of combos) and it started working again.
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