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Keyboard missing keys

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Gonik|Post time:9-12-2018 22:51:25 View:369|Reply:2

Hello there. I noticed that on the Corebook keyboard there are missing some keys, such as Print Screen, Insert and Pause. Is there some combo key in order to enable them?

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Gonik| Post time 9-12-2018 22:40:49 | Show all posts
Really? Nobody else is bothered by this? I mean come one people. This keyboard is missing 3 keys, at least one of them is vital (Insert). I'm surprised that Chuwi actually has missed this. It's quite serious mistake in my opinion.
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Use magic Report| Post time 9-12-2018 22:51:25 | Show all posts
Print screen does not work with any of this combination of keys:
FN + F11
FN + F10
FN + F12
FN + Win

Insert Ctrl + V does not work?

Pause FN + F6?  Win+F6 ¿?
I do not have that Tablet, little else I can tell you.
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