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Can I install Android on a Hi12 Win10?

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Hyglater|Post time:9-10-2018 21:10:55 View:411|Reply:1

Guys, maybe a silly question but...

I've just got the chance to buy a Hi12 NOT Dual-boot version for a good price, but I actually need the Android better than Win10.

1) Can i convert to a dual-boot version?

2) Can i install the Android 6.0 keeping it 100% functional? I've hear some issues with non-working touchscreen...


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Hackerjac| Post time 9-10-2018 21:10:55 | Show all posts
Edited by Hackerjac at 9-11-2018 06:12

If you can convert it to dual boot depends on the serial of the device, and no you can't install Android 6 on it as far I know

Iirc you also need hardware flasher if it's possible to convert it

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