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Help!! my HD has shirked !!!!

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Lighthouse2|Post time:9-17-2018 18:31:38 View:261|Reply:2

When I got my new chuwi, I had 56,8GB HD (c: unit), Now the disk is just 46,1GB What happened??? Of those less than 20GB are free, when in the beginning I had more than 40GB free. The only thing I have done is to update windows 10 to version 1703 (i didnt even update to the version 1803) and download chrome. Where is my total disk capacity is gone. How can I recover my 56GB? how can I reduce the size of disk use by windows? Should I reset windows 10? I have seen i have a windows.old folder, should I delete it? Is here any manual to advice what to do when you receive a new chuwi hi10 plus?. I am not a windows 10 user. i stopped at windows 7 and then Linux. Is there a light windows 10 version for netbooks?

As well I have tried to connect my phone through the type-C connector and it is not happening. is this just for charging?

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manonegra222| Post time 9-13-2018 01:07:18 | Show all posts
Calm down, the record has not shrunk. It has only been loaded with the Windows update files and it is normal. As you say, these updates are in the Windows.old folder, but you can not delete it directly.
What you have to do is, if everything goes well after the updates made, free up space in C. To do this, click on this computer and select the C disk with the right mouse button, properties, free up space. It will make a scan and once you finish click on the button that says clean system files; another scan will start and at the end there will be a screen where you should mark Windows update cleaning, which will have several Gibas. When the process finishes, which may take a while, you will have recovered the disk space.
The disc is 64 GB, but has a part for Android, so you will have about 40 GB for Windows and since Windows occupies another 20 GB, you have 20 free is not bad.

As for plugging the phone, the C connector of the tablet is used for charging and data, so you must recognize it, what happens is that this connector is very deep and sometimes it is necessary to cut as a millimeter the plastic surrounding the USB connector, type C of the cable you are using or find one that is longer.

Finally, about a manual, tell you that we have a telegram group whose link is anchored in the forum in Spanish where we have tutorials and solutions for most problems that may arise in the handling of this tablet.
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doodzilla| Post time 9-17-2018 18:31:38 | Show all posts
yes what he said Lighthouse2, how's the tablet now?
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