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Ubuntu Dual Boot tutorial - works awesome - searching for pen drivers

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HûntSt°rJonny|Post time:11-2-2018 01:35:25 View:471|Reply:1

only thing not working for me is the PEN, someone knows which driver i could get for Linux?

Everything else works out of the box - awesome.

my device is sometimes false rotated at boot, just rotate the tablet and press lock screen rotation(press the arrow near the accu symbol,you will recognize the right button now)
or open a console (strg+alt+t) and type
xrandr -o normal

Dual Boot - Tutorial - Ubuntu 18.04 / Windows 10
Skip if you know how to install ubuntu completly on a second device
so here a short description how you can get Dual Boot.

i just bought a 128gb USB-Stick. you can use every usb device(external hard disk, stick etc...)
On another USB Stick i had Ubuntu Live System installed.
Just when seeing the Chuwi logo (immediatly after pressing power button) spam F12 on the upcoming boot menu choose the usb stick with live ubuntu.
Select install ubuntu on the upcoming menu.

You can now stick in the usb-stick on which you like to install ubuntu(my 128gb stick).
on installation just click next, or make you settings. When coming to, how would you like to install ubuntu(delete windows, install  beside windows...are some menu points there), select advanced.

Important on the bottom, select the correct installation medium for boot menu(128 gb stick).
In the main window there search for the stick(i think double click) choose "/" and ext4.
Thats it

After that change boot order in bios or press f12 on every start.

Working / Tested
-Touch Input
-full disk encryption

Not working
Not sure what i did wrong, the stick should run on other pcs, cause linux is gernally very good at dynamically binding drivers, but doesn't

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Hacka| Post time 11-2-2018 01:35:25 | Show all posts
I've the same problem, I cannot boot from usb. I've tried 2 different usb keys bootable which work on pcs but not work on chuwi hi13.

I'm also locked out from windows after reinstallation. Other User login only active and locked me out

Any suggestions?  
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